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Library mrpt-reactivenav

This library implements:

See the full list of classes in mrpt::reactivenav, or the online page for a discussion of a working application (see MRPT/apps/ReactiveNavigationDemo).


class  mrpt::reactivenav::CAbstractHolonomicReactiveMethod
 A base class for holonomic reactive navigation methods. More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CReactiveInterfaceImplementation
 The pure virtual class that a user of CAbstractReactiveNavigationSystem-derived classes must implement in order to allow the navigator sense the world and send motion commands to the robot. More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CHolonomicLogFileRecord
 A base class for log records for different holonomic navigation methods. More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CHolonomicND
 An implementation of the holonomic reactive navigation method "Nearness-Diagram". More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CLogFileRecord_VFF
 A class for storing extra information about the execution of CHolonomicVFF navigation. More...
struct  mrpt::reactivenav::CLogFileRecord::TInfoPerPTG
 The structure used to store all relevant information about each transformation into TP-Space. More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CLogFileRecord
 A class for storing, saving and loading a reactive navigation log record for the CReactiveNavigationSystem class. More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator
 This is the base class for any user defined PTG. More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CPRRTNavigator
 This class is a multi-threaded mobile robot navigator, implementing an (anytime) PTG-based Rapidly-exploring Random Tree (PRRT) search algorithm. More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CPTG1
 A PTG for circular paths. More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CPTG2
 The alpha-PTG. More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CPTG3
 A PTG for optimal paths of type "C|C,S". More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CPTG4
 A PTG for optimal paths of type "C|C". More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CPTG5
 A PTG for optimal paths of type "C|C,S". More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CPTG6
 A PTG for circular paths. More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CPTG7
 A PTG for circular paths. More...
class  mrpt::reactivenav::CReactiveNavigationSystem
 Implements a reactive navigation system based on TP-Space, with an arbitrary holonomic reactive method running on it, and any desired number of PTG for transforming the navigation space. More...
struct  mrpt::reactivenav::TRobotShape
 The implemented reactive navigation methods. More...


 This namespace contains classes for building a TP-Space Reactive Navigation System.


enum  mrpt::reactivenav::THolonomicMethod { mrpt::reactivenav::hmVIRTUAL_FORCE_FIELDS = 0, mrpt::reactivenav::hmSEARCH_FOR_BEST_GAP = 1 }
 The implemented reactive navigation methods. More...

Motion planning utilities

void REACTIVENAV_IMPEXP mrpt::reactivenav::build_PTG_collision_grids (std::vector< CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator *> PTGs, const mrpt::math::CPolygon &robotShape, const std::string &cacheFilesPrefix=std::string("ReacNavGrid_"), bool verbose=true)
 Builds the collision grid for a given list of PTGs. More...
void REACTIVENAV_IMPEXP mrpt::reactivenav::build_PTG_collision_grid3D (CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator *ptg, const mrpt::math::CPolygon &robotShape, const unsigned int &level, const unsigned int &num_ptg, bool verbose=true)

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ THolonomicMethod

The implemented reactive navigation methods.


Definition at line 61 of file CReactiveNavigationSystem.h.

Function Documentation

◆ build_PTG_collision_grid3D()

void REACTIVENAV_IMPEXP mrpt::reactivenav::build_PTG_collision_grid3D ( CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator ptg,
const mrpt::math::CPolygon robotShape,
const unsigned int &  level,
const unsigned int &  num_ptg,
bool  verbose = true 

◆ build_PTG_collision_grids()

void REACTIVENAV_IMPEXP mrpt::reactivenav::build_PTG_collision_grids ( std::vector< CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator *>  PTGs,
const mrpt::math::CPolygon robotShape,
const std::string &  cacheFilesPrefix = std::string("ReacNavGrid_"),
bool  verbose = true 

Builds the collision grid for a given list of PTGs.

The collision grid must be calculated before calling CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator::CColisionGrid::getTPObstacle

PTGsThe list of PTGs to calculate their grids.
robotShapeThe shape of the robot.
cacheFilesPrefixThe prefix of the files where the collision grids will be dumped to speed-up future recalculations.
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