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Library mrpt-gui

This library provides three classes that represent GUI windows, each having a specific specialized purpose:

All these window classes inherits from mrpt::gui::CBaseGUIWindow, which provides a set of methods and variables common to all the classes. It allow moving/resizing the windows, polling for key strokes, etc. Note events-driven applications can be also implemented since it also implements the mrpt::utils::CObservable pattern, emitting events as described in the description of mrpt::gui::CBaseGUIWindow.

All the classes in this library are in the namespace mrpt::gui


class  mrpt::gui::CBaseGUIWindow
 The base class for GUI window classes. More...
class  mrpt::gui::CDisplayWindow
 This class creates a window as a graphical user interface (GUI) for displaying images to the user. More...
class  mrpt::gui::CDisplayWindow3D
 A graphical user interface (GUI) for efficiently rendering 3D scenes in real-time. More...
class  mrpt::gui::CDisplayWindowPlots
 Create a GUI window and display plots with MATLAB-like interfaces and commands. More...
class  mrpt::gui::WxSubsystem
 This class implements the GUI thread required for the wxWidgets-based GUI. More...


 Classes for creating GUI windows for 2D and 3D visualization.

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