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mrpt::hwdrivers::CVelodyneScanner::TModelPropertiesFactory Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Access to default sets of parameters for Velodyne LIDARs.

Definition at line 149 of file CVelodyneScanner.h.

#include <mrpt/hwdrivers/CVelodyneScanner.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static const
get ()
 Singleton access. More...
static std::string getListKnownModels ()
 Return human-readable string: "`VLP16`,`XXX`,...". More...

Member Function Documentation

const CVelodyneScanner::model_properties_list_t & CVelodyneScanner::TModelPropertiesFactory::get ( )
std::string CVelodyneScanner::TModelPropertiesFactory::getListKnownModels ( )

Return human-readable string: "`VLP16`,`XXX`,...".

Definition at line 79 of file CVelodyneScanner.cpp.

References mrpt::mrpt::format(), and get().

Referenced by mrpt::hwdrivers::CVelodyneScanner::loadConfig_sensorSpecific().

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