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vision/include/mrpt/vision/utils.h File Reference
#include <mrpt/vision/CFeature.h>
#include <mrpt/utils/CImage.h>
#include <mrpt/utils/TStereoCamera.h>
#include <mrpt/math/CMatrixTemplate.h>
#include <mrpt/utils/CLoadableOptions.h>
#include <mrpt/utils/TMatchingPair.h>
#include <mrpt/poses/CPose3D.h>
#include <mrpt/vision/types.h>
#include <mrpt/vision/chessboard_camera_calib.h>
#include <mrpt/obs/obs_frwds.h>
#include <mrpt/vision/link_pragmas.h>
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 This is the global namespace for all Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) libraries.
 This namespace contains representation of robot actions and observations.
 Classes for computer vision, detectors, features, etc.


void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::openCV_cross_correlation (const mrpt::utils::CImage &img, const mrpt::utils::CImage &patch_img, size_t &x_max, size_t &y_max, double &max_val, int x_search_ini=-1, int y_search_ini=-1, int x_search_size=-1, int y_search_size=-1)
 Computes the correlation between this image and another one, encapsulating the openCV function cvMatchTemplate This implementation reduced computation time. More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::flip (mrpt::utils::CImage &img)
 Invert an image using OpenCV function. More...
mrpt::math::TPoint3D VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::pixelTo3D (const mrpt::utils::TPixelCoordf &xy, const mrpt::math::CMatrixDouble33 &A)
 Extract a UNITARY 3D vector in the direction of a 3D point, given from its (x,y) pixels coordinates, and the camera intrinsic coordinates. More...
mrpt::vision::buildIntrinsicParamsMatrix (const double focalLengthX, const double focalLengthY, const double centerX, const double centerY)
 Builds the intrinsic parameters matrix A from parameters: More...
mrpt::vision::defaultIntrinsicParamsMatrix (unsigned int camIndex=0, unsigned int resolutionX=320, unsigned int resolutionY=240)
 Returns the stored, default intrinsic params matrix for a given camera: More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::deleteRepeatedFeats (CFeatureList &list)
 Explore the feature list and removes features which are in the same coordinates. More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::rowChecking (CFeatureList &leftList, CFeatureList &rightList, float threshold=1.0)
 Search for correspondences which are not in the same row and deletes them. More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::getDispersion (const CFeatureList &list, mrpt::math::CVectorFloat &std, mrpt::math::CVectorFloat &mean)
 Computes the dispersion of the features in the image. More...
double VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::computeMsd (const mrpt::utils::TMatchingPairList &list, const poses::CPose3D &Rt)
 Computes the mean squared distance between a set of 3D correspondences ... More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::cloudsToMatchedList (const mrpt::obs::CObservationVisualLandmarks &cloud1, const mrpt::obs::CObservationVisualLandmarks &cloud2, mrpt::utils::TMatchingPairList &outList)
 Transform two clouds of 3D points into a matched list of points ... More...
float VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::computeMainOrientation (const mrpt::utils::CImage &image, unsigned int x, unsigned int y)
 Computes the main orientation of a set of points with an image (for using in SIFT-based algorithms) More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::normalizeImage (const mrpt::utils::CImage &image, mrpt::utils::CImage &nimage)
 Normalizes the brigthness and contrast of an image by setting its mean value to zero and its standard deviation to unit. More...
size_t VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::matchFeatures (const CFeatureList &list1, const CFeatureList &list2, CMatchedFeatureList &matches, const TMatchingOptions &options=TMatchingOptions(), const TStereoSystemParams &params=TStereoSystemParams())
 Find the matches between two lists of features which must be of the same type. More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::generateMask (const CMatchedFeatureList &mList, mrpt::math::CMatrixBool &mask1, mrpt::math::CMatrixBool &mask2, int wSize=10)
 Calculates the Sum of Absolutes Differences (range [0,1]) between two patches. More...
double VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::computeSAD (const mrpt::utils::CImage &patch1, const mrpt::utils::CImage &patch2)
 Calculates the Sum of Absolutes Differences (range [0,1]) between two patches. More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::addFeaturesToImage (const mrpt::utils::CImage &inImg, const CFeatureList &theList, mrpt::utils::CImage &outImg)
 Draw rectangles around each of the features on a copy of the input image. More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::projectMatchedFeatures (const CMatchedFeatureList &matches, const mrpt::utils::TStereoCamera &stereo_camera, std::vector< mrpt::math::TPoint3D > &out_points)
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::projectMatchedFeatures (const CFeatureList &leftList, const CFeatureList &rightList, std::vector< mrpt::math::TPoint3D > &vP3D, const TStereoSystemParams &params=TStereoSystemParams())
 Computes the 3D position of a set of matched features from their coordinates in the images. More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::projectMatchedFeature (const CFeaturePtr &leftFeat, const CFeaturePtr &rightFeat, mrpt::math::TPoint3D &p3D, const TStereoSystemParams &params=TStereoSystemParams())
 Computes the 3D position of a particular matched feature. More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::projectMatchedFeatures (CMatchedFeatureList &mfList, const TStereoSystemParams &param, mrpt::maps::CLandmarksMap &landmarks)
 Project a list of matched features into the 3D space, using the provided parameters of the stereo system. More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::projectMatchedFeatures (CFeatureList &leftList, CFeatureList &rightList, const TStereoSystemParams &param, mrpt::maps::CLandmarksMap &landmarks)
 Project a pair of feature lists into the 3D space, using the provided options for the stereo system. More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::StereoObs2BRObs (const mrpt::obs::CObservationStereoImages &inObs, const std::vector< double > &sg, mrpt::obs::CObservationBearingRange &outObs)
 Converts a stereo images observation into a bearing and range observation. More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::StereoObs2BRObs (const CMatchedFeatureList &inMatches, const mrpt::math::CMatrixDouble33 &intrinsicParams, const double &baseline, const mrpt::poses::CPose3D &sensorPose, const std::vector< double > &sg, mrpt::obs::CObservationBearingRange &outObs)
 Converts a matched feature list into a bearing and range observation (some of the stereo camera system must be provided). More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::StereoObs2BRObs (const mrpt::obs::CObservationVisualLandmarks &inObs, mrpt::obs::CObservationBearingRange &outObs)
 Converts a CObservationVisualLandmarks into a bearing and range observation (without any covariances). More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::computeStereoRectificationMaps (const mrpt::utils::TCamera &cam1, const mrpt::utils::TCamera &cam2, const mrpt::poses::CPose3D &rightCameraPose, void *outMap1x, void *outMap1y, void *outMap2x, void *outMap2y)
 Computes a pair of x-and-y maps for stereo rectification from a pair of cameras and the relative pose of the second one wrt the first one. More...

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