MRPT  1.9.9
CMultiMetricMap.h File Reference
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class  mrpt::maps::CMultiMetricMap
 This class stores any customizable set of metric maps. More...
struct  mrpt::maps::CMultiMetricMap::ProxyFilterContainerByClass< SELECTED_CLASS_PTR, CONTAINER >
 Takes a const ref of a STL non-associative container of smart pointers at construction and exposes an interface mildly similar to that of another STL container containing only those elements in the original container that can be dynamic_casted to SELECTED_CLASS_PTR More...
struct  mrpt::maps::CMultiMetricMap::ProxySelectorContainerByClass< SELECTED_CLASS_PTR, CONTAINER >
 A proxy like ProxyFilterContainerByClass, but it directly appears as if it was a single smart pointer (empty if no matching object is found in the container) More...



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