MRPT  1.9.9
CPose3DQuatPDFGaussian.h File Reference
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class  mrpt::poses::CPose3DQuatPDFGaussian
 Declares a class that represents a Probability Density function (PDF) of a 3D pose using a quaternion $ p(\mathbf{x}) = [x ~ y ~ z ~ qr ~ qx ~ qy ~ qz]^\top $. More...


 This is the global namespace for all Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) libraries.
 Classes for 2D/3D geometry representation, both of single values and probability density distributions (PDFs) in many forms.
 Global variables to change the run-time behaviour of some MRPT classes within mrpt-base.


bool mrpt::poses::operator== (const CPose3DQuatPDFGaussian &p1, const CPose3DQuatPDFGaussian &p2)
CPose3DQuatPDFGaussian mrpt::poses::operator+ (const CPose3DQuatPDFGaussian &x, const CPose3DQuatPDFGaussian &u)
 Pose composition for two 3D pose Gaussians. More...
CPose3DQuatPDFGaussian mrpt::poses::operator- (const CPose3DQuatPDFGaussian &x, const CPose3DQuatPDFGaussian &u)
 Inverse pose composition for two 3D pose Gaussians. More...
std::ostream & mrpt::poses::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const CPose3DQuatPDFGaussian &obj)
 Dumps the mean and covariance matrix to a text stream. More...
void mrpt::global_settings::USE_SUT_EULER2QUAT_CONVERSION (bool value)
 If set to true (default), a Scaled Unscented Transform is used instead of a linear approximation with Jacobians. More...
bool mrpt::global_settings::USE_SUT_EULER2QUAT_CONVERSION ()

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