MRPT  1.9.9
stl_containers_utils.h File Reference
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <iostream>
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template<class T , class CONTAINER >
size_t mrpt::containers::find_in_vector (const T &value, const CONTAINER &vect)
 Returns the index of the value "T" in the container "vect" (std::vector,std::deque,etc), or string::npos if not found. More...
template<class T >
std::list< T >::iterator mrpt::containers::erase_return_next (std::list< T > &cont, typename std::list< T >::iterator &it)
 Calls the standard "erase" method of a STL container, but also returns an iterator to the next element in the container (or end if none) More...
template<class K , class V >
std::map< K, V >::iterator mrpt::containers::erase_return_next (std::map< K, V > &cont, typename std::map< K, V >::iterator &it)
template<class K , class V >
std::multimap< K, V >::iterator mrpt::containers::erase_return_next (std::multimap< K, V > &cont, typename std::multimap< K, V >::iterator &it)
template<class T >
std::set< T >::iterator mrpt::containers::erase_return_next (std::set< T > &cont, typename std::set< T >::iterator &it)
template<class T >
std::string mrpt::containers::getSTLContainerAsString (const T &t)
 Return a STL container in std::string form. More...
template<class T >
void mrpt::containers::printSTLContainer (const T &t)
 Print the given vector t. More...
template<class T >
void mrpt::containers::printSTLContainerOfContainers (const T &t)
 Print the given STL container of containers t. More...
template<class T1 , class T2 >
std::string mrpt::containers::getMapAsString (const std::map< T1, T2 > &m, const std::string &sep=" => ")
 Return contents of map in a string representation. More...
template<class T1 , class T2 >
void mrpt::containers::printMap (const std::map< T1, T2 > &m)
 Print the given map m. More...

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