MRPT  1.9.9
The Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT)
Version: 1.9.9 Git: ecf753d03 Fri Mar 8 12:55:48 2019 +0100

This is the home of the MRPT C++ library documentation generated by Doxygen. See: The CHANGELOG for this version. Complete list of classes here. List of libraries and modules.

This reference documentation is complementary to: Collection of MRPT tutorials The MRPT book (out-dated!)

Click on a library name to explore its contents, or check the complete list.

This page explains the library directory layout.

Check out this page to find out what are needed for each of the MRPT build dependencies (opencv, wxWidgets,...) to decide if you need them for your applications.

Extensive performance tests are automated by means of the application , which was moved (2018) to its own Git repository.

The results on different platforms, as well as a comparison between different compilers and platforms are published here:

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