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Detailed Description

This is the global namespace for all Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) libraries.

The main namespace for all the Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) C++ libraries.


 The namespace for Bayesian filtering algorithm: different particle filters and Kalman filter algorithms.
 Data compression/decompression algorithms.
 Global variables to change the run-time behaviour of some MRPT classes within mrpt-base.
 Abstract graph and tree data structures, plus generic graph algorithms.
 SLAM methods related to graphs of pose constraints.
 Classes for creating GUI windows for 2D and 3D visualization.
 Classes related to the implementation of Hybrid Metric Topological (HMT) SLAM.
 Contains classes for various device interfaces.
 This base provides a set of functions for maths stuff.
 This is the global namespace for all Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) libraries.
 The namespace for 3D scene representation and rendering.
 Classes for 2D/3D geometry representation, both of single values and probability density distributions (PDFs) in many forms.
 A namespace of pseudo-random numbers genrators of diferent distributions.
 This namespace contains classes for building a TP-Space Reactive Navigation System.
 A set of scan matching-related static functions.
 This namespace contains algorithms for SLAM, localization, map building, representation of robot's actions and observations, and representation of many kinds of metric maps.
 An heavily template-based implementation of Relative Bundle Adjustment (RBA) - See [mrpt-srba].
 This namespace provides multitask, synchronization utilities.
 This namespace provides a OS-independent interface to many useful functions: filenames manipulation, time and date, string parsing, file I/O, threading, memory allocation, etc.
 This namespace provides topography helper functions, coordinate transformations.
 Classes for serialization, sockets, ini-file manipulation, streams, list of properties-values, timewatch, extensions to STL.
 Classes for computer vision, detectors, features, etc.


struct  aligned_containers
 Helper types for STL containers with Eigen memory allocators. More...
struct  dynamicsize_vector
 The base class of MRPT vectors, actually, Eigen column matrices of dynamic size with specialized constructors that resemble std::vector. More...


typedef dynamicsize_vector< float > vector_float
typedef dynamicsize_vector< double > vector_double
typedef std::vector< int8_t > vector_signed_byte
typedef std::vector< int16_t > vector_signed_word
typedef std::vector< int32_t > vector_int
typedef std::vector< int64_t > vector_long
typedef std::vector< size_t > vector_size_t
typedef std::vector< uint8_t > vector_byte
typedef std::vector< uint16_t > vector_word
typedef std::vector< uint32_t > vector_uint
typedef std::vector< bool > vector_bool
 A type for passing a vector of bools. More...
typedef std::vector< std::string > vector_string
 A type for passing a vector of strings. More...


std::string BASE_IMPEXP format (const char *fmt,...) MRPT_printf_format_check(1
 A std::string version of C sprintf. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ vector_bool

typedef std::vector<bool> mrpt::vector_bool

A type for passing a vector of bools.

Definition at line 112 of file base/include/mrpt/utils/types.h.

◆ vector_byte

typedef std::vector<uint8_t> mrpt::vector_byte

Definition at line 109 of file base/include/mrpt/utils/types.h.

◆ vector_double

Definition at line 102 of file base/include/mrpt/utils/types.h.

◆ vector_float

Definition at line 101 of file base/include/mrpt/utils/types.h.

◆ vector_int

typedef std::vector<int32_t> mrpt::vector_int

Definition at line 106 of file base/include/mrpt/utils/types.h.

◆ vector_long

typedef std::vector<int64_t> mrpt::vector_long

Definition at line 107 of file base/include/mrpt/utils/types.h.

◆ vector_signed_byte

typedef std::vector<int8_t> mrpt::vector_signed_byte

Definition at line 104 of file base/include/mrpt/utils/types.h.

◆ vector_signed_word

typedef std::vector<int16_t> mrpt::vector_signed_word

Definition at line 105 of file base/include/mrpt/utils/types.h.

◆ vector_size_t

typedef std::vector<size_t> mrpt::vector_size_t

Definition at line 108 of file base/include/mrpt/utils/types.h.

◆ vector_string

typedef std::vector<std::string> mrpt::vector_string

A type for passing a vector of strings.

Definition at line 113 of file base/include/mrpt/utils/types.h.

◆ vector_uint

typedef std::vector<uint32_t> mrpt::vector_uint

Definition at line 111 of file base/include/mrpt/utils/types.h.

◆ vector_word

typedef std::vector<uint16_t> mrpt::vector_word

Definition at line 110 of file base/include/mrpt/utils/types.h.

Function Documentation

◆ format()

std::string BASE_IMPEXP mrpt::format ( const char *  fmt,

A std::string version of C sprintf.

You can call this to obtain a std::string using printf-like syntax. Based on very nice code by Paul Senzee, published at Function implemented in format.cpp

Referenced by mrpt::math::CMatrixTemplate< T >::CMatrixTemplate(), mrpt::utils::CCanvas::drawFeatures(), mrpt::srba::TRBA_Problem_state< KF2KF_POSE_TYPE, LM_TYPE, OBS_TYPE, RBA_OPTIONS >::TSpanningTree::dump_as_text(), mrpt::math::CLevenbergMarquardtTempl< VECTORTYPE, USERPARAM >::execute(), mrpt::math::CMatrixTemplate< T >::get_unsafe(), mrpt::math::CMatrixTemplate< T >::get_unsafe_row(), mrpt::graphs::CDirectedGraph< CPOSE, EDGE_ANNOTATIONS >::getEdge(), mrpt::graphs::CNetworkOfPoses< CPOSE, MAPS_IMPLEMENTATION, NODE_ANNOTATIONS, EDGE_ANNOTATIONS >::getEdgeSquareError(), mrpt::graphs::CDijkstra< TYPE_GRAPH, MAPS_IMPLEMENTATION >::getTreeGraph(), mrpt::graphs::detail::graph_ops< graph_t >::graph_edge_sqerror(), mrpt::opengl::graph_tools::graph_visualize(), mrpt::graphs::detail::graph_ops< graph_t >::load_graph_of_poses_from_text_file(), mrpt::math::CMatrixTemplate< T >::operator()(), mrpt::math::CMatrixTemplate< T >::operator=(), mrpt::math::operator>>(), mrpt::utils::operator>>(), mrpt::graphslam::optimize_graph_spa_levmarq(), mrpt::utils::CConfigFileBase::read_enum(), mrpt::graphs::CGraphPartitioner< GRAPH_MATRIX, num_t >::RecursiveSpectralPartition(), mrpt::poses::CPoint2D::resize(), mrpt::poses::CPoint3D::resize(), mrpt::math::CArray< T, N >::resize(), mrpt::poses::CPose2D::resize(), mrpt::poses::CPose3DQuat::resize(), mrpt::poses::CPose3DRotVec::resize(), mrpt::poses::CPose3D::resize(), mrpt::srba::TRBA_Problem_state< KF2KF_POSE_TYPE, LM_TYPE, OBS_TYPE, RBA_OPTIONS >::TSpanningTree::save_as_dot_file(), mrpt::slam::COccupancyGridMap2D::saveAsBitmapFileWithLandmarks(), mrpt::math::CMatrixTemplate< T >::set_unsafe(), mpScaleX::SetLabelFormat(), mpScaleY::SetLabelFormat(), mrpt::system::sprintf_container(), and mrpt::utils::sprintf_vector().

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