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CImage_SSE2.cpp File Reference
#include "base-precomp.h"
#include <mrpt/utils/CImage.h>
#include <mrpt/utils/SSE_types.h>
#include <mrpt/utils/SSE_macros.h>
#include "CImage_SSEx.h"
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void image_SSE2_scale_half_1c8u (const uint8_t *in, uint8_t *out, int w, int h)
 Subsample each 2x2 pixel block into 1x1 pixel, taking the first pixel & ignoring the other 3. More...
void image_SSE2_scale_half_smooth_1c8u (const uint8_t *in, uint8_t *out, int w, int h)
 Average each 2x2 pixels into 1x1 pixel (arithmetic average) More...
float KLT_response_optimized ()
 KLT score at a given point of a grayscale image. More...

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