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Feature detection and tracking

Detailed Description

Collaboration diagram for Feature detection and tracking:


struct  mrpt::vision::CGenericFeatureTracker
 A virtual interface for all feature trackers, implementing the part of feature tracking that is common to any specific tracker implementation. More...
struct  mrpt::vision::CFeatureTracker_KL
 Track a set of features from old_img -> new_img using sparse optimal flow (classic KL method). More...


typedef std::auto_ptr< CGenericFeatureTrackermrpt::vision::CGenericFeatureTrackerAutoPtr


void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::checkTrackedFeatures (CFeatureList &leftList, CFeatureList &rightList, vision::TMatchingOptions options)
 Search for correspondences which are not in the same row and deletes them ... More...
void VISION_IMPEXP mrpt::vision::filterBadCorrsByDistance (mrpt::utils::TMatchingPairList &list, unsigned int numberOfSigmas)
 Filter bad correspondences by distance ... More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ CGenericFeatureTrackerAutoPtr

Definition at line 211 of file tracking.h.

Function Documentation

◆ checkTrackedFeatures()

void mrpt::vision::checkTrackedFeatures ( CFeatureList leftList,
CFeatureList rightList,
vision::TMatchingOptions  options 

◆ filterBadCorrsByDistance()

void mrpt::vision::filterBadCorrsByDistance ( mrpt::utils::TMatchingPairList list,
unsigned int  numberOfSigmas 

Filter bad correspondences by distance ...

Definition at line 766 of file tracking.cpp.

References ASSERT_, MRPT_END, MRPT_START, and mrpt::math::square().

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