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mrpt::maps::CRandomFieldGridMap2D::ConnectivityDescriptor Struct Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Base class for user-supplied objects capable of describing cells connectivity, used to build prior factors of the MRF graph.

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Definition at line 242 of file maps/CRandomFieldGridMap2D.h.

#include <mrpt/maps/CRandomFieldGridMap2D.h>

Public Member Functions

 ConnectivityDescriptor ()
virtual ~ConnectivityDescriptor ()
virtual bool getEdgeInformation (const CRandomFieldGridMap2D *parent, size_t icx, size_t icy, size_t jcx, size_t jcy, double &out_edge_information)=0
 Implement the check of whether node i=(icx,icy) is connected with node j=(jcx,jcy). More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConnectivityDescriptor()

CRandomFieldGridMap2D::ConnectivityDescriptor::ConnectivityDescriptor ( )

Definition at line 2353 of file CRandomFieldGridMap2D.cpp.

◆ ~ConnectivityDescriptor()

CRandomFieldGridMap2D::ConnectivityDescriptor::~ConnectivityDescriptor ( )

Definition at line 2357 of file CRandomFieldGridMap2D.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getEdgeInformation()

virtual bool mrpt::maps::CRandomFieldGridMap2D::ConnectivityDescriptor::getEdgeInformation ( const CRandomFieldGridMap2D parent,
size_t  icx,
size_t  icy,
size_t  jcx,
size_t  jcy,
double &  out_edge_information 
pure virtual

Implement the check of whether node i=(icx,icy) is connected with node j=(jcx,jcy).

This visitor method will be called only for immediate neighbors.

true if connected (and the "information" value should be also updated in out_edge_information), false otherwise.
parentThe parent map on which we are running
icy(cx,cy) for node "i"
jcy(cx,cy) for node "j"
out_edge_informationMust output here the inverse of the variance of the constraint edge.

Referenced by mrpt::maps::CRandomFieldGridMap2D::internal_clear().

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