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CObservationIMU.cpp File Reference
#include "obs-precomp.h"
#include <mrpt/utils/CStream.h>
#include <mrpt/obs/CObservationIMU.h>
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#define DUMP_IMU_DATA(x)

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#define DUMP_IMU_DATA (   x)
o << format("%15s = ",#x); \
if (dataIsPresent[x]) \
o << format("%10f %s\n", rawMeasurements[x], imu_units[x]); \
else o << "(not present)\n";
GLenum GLsizei GLenum format
Definition: glext.h:3513
GLenum GLint x
Definition: glext.h:3516

Referenced by mrpt::obs::CObservationIMU::getDescriptionAsText().

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