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Synchronization, multi-threading synch tools

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class  mrpt::synch::CCriticalSection
 This class provides simple critical sections functionality. More...
class  mrpt::synch::CCriticalSectionRecursive
 Recursive mutex: allow recursive locks by the owner thread. More...
class  mrpt::synch::CPipe
 A pipe, portable across different OS. More...
class  mrpt::synch::CSemaphore
 A semaphore for inter-thread synchronization. More...
class  mrpt::synch::CThreadSafeVariable< T >
 A template for created thread-safe variables with an internal critical section controlled each read or write. More...
class  mrpt::synch::MT_buffer
 This class is a bulk sequence of bytes with MultiThread (MT)-safe read and write operations. More...


 This namespace provides multitask, synchronization utilities.

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