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class  PointCloudAdapterHelperNoRGB
 A helper base class for those PointCloudAdapter<> which do not handle RGB data; it declares needed interface methods which fall back to XYZ-only methods. More...


template<typename VEC >
CStreamwriteStdVectorToStream (mrpt::utils::CStream &s, const VEC &v)
template<typename VEC >
CStreamreadStdVectorToStream (mrpt::utils::CStream &s, VEC &v)

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◆ readStdVectorToStream()

template<typename VEC >
CStream& mrpt::utils::detail::readStdVectorToStream ( mrpt::utils::CStream s,
VEC &  v 

Definition at line 252 of file CStream.cpp.

Referenced by mrpt::utils::operator>>().

◆ writeStdVectorToStream()

template<typename VEC >
CStream& mrpt::utils::detail::writeStdVectorToStream ( mrpt::utils::CStream s,
const VEC &  v 

Definition at line 247 of file CStream.cpp.

Referenced by mrpt::utils::operator<<().

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