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my_coef_controller Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file jccoefct.cpp.

Public Attributes

struct jpeg_c_coef_controller pub
int MCU_vert_offset
int MCU_rows_per_iMCU_row
jvirt_barray_ptr whole_image [MAX_COMPONENTS]
struct jpeg_d_coef_controller pub
int * coef_bits_latch

Member Data Documentation

◆ coef_bits_latch

int* my_coef_controller::coef_bits_latch

Definition at line 50 of file jdcoefct.cpp.

Referenced by decompress_smooth_data(), jinit_d_coef_controller(), and smoothing_ok().

◆ dummy_buffer

JBLOCKROW my_coef_controller::dummy_buffer[C_MAX_BLOCKS_IN_MCU]

Definition at line 217 of file jctrans.cpp.

Referenced by compress_output(), and transencode_coef_controller().

◆ iMCU_row_num

JDIMENSION my_coef_controller::iMCU_row_num

◆ MCU_buffer

JBLOCKROW my_coef_controller::MCU_buffer

◆ MCU_ctr

JDIMENSION my_coef_controller::MCU_ctr

Definition at line 26 of file jdcoefct.cpp.

Referenced by consume_data(), decompress_onepass(), and start_iMCU_row().

◆ mcu_ctr

JDIMENSION my_coef_controller::mcu_ctr

Definition at line 35 of file jccoefct.cpp.

Referenced by compress_data(), compress_output(), and start_iMCU_row().

◆ MCU_rows_per_iMCU_row

int my_coef_controller::MCU_rows_per_iMCU_row

Definition at line 37 of file jccoefct.cpp.

Referenced by start_iMCU_row().

◆ MCU_vert_offset

int my_coef_controller::MCU_vert_offset

◆ pub [1/2]

struct jpeg_c_coef_controller my_coef_controller::pub

◆ pub [2/2]

struct jpeg_d_coef_controller my_coef_controller::pub

Definition at line 22 of file jdcoefct.cpp.

◆ whole_image [1/2]

jvirt_barray_ptr my_coef_controller::whole_image

◆ whole_image [2/2]

jvirt_barray_ptr* my_coef_controller::whole_image

Definition at line 214 of file jctrans.cpp.

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