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my_cquantizer Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 140 of file jquant1.cpp.

Public Attributes

struct jpeg_color_quantizer pub
JSAMPARRAY sv_colormap
int sv_actual
JSAMPARRAY colorindex
boolean is_padded
int Ncolors [MAX_Q_COMPS]
int row_index
boolean on_odd_row
int desired
hist3d histogram
boolean needs_zeroed
int * error_limiter

Member Data Documentation

◆ colorindex

JSAMPARRAY my_cquantizer::colorindex

◆ desired

int my_cquantizer::desired

Definition at line 189 of file jquant2.cpp.

Referenced by finish_pass1(), and jinit_2pass_quantizer().

◆ error_limiter

int* my_cquantizer::error_limiter

◆ fserrors

FSERRPTR my_cquantizer::fserrors

◆ histogram

hist3d my_cquantizer::histogram

◆ is_padded

boolean my_cquantizer::is_padded

Definition at line 152 of file jquant1.cpp.

Referenced by create_colorindex(), and start_pass_1_quant().

◆ Ncolors

int my_cquantizer::Ncolors[MAX_Q_COMPS]

Definition at line 154 of file jquant1.cpp.

Referenced by create_colorindex(), create_colormap(), and create_odither_tables().

◆ needs_zeroed

boolean my_cquantizer::needs_zeroed

◆ odither

ODITHER_MATRIX_PTR my_cquantizer::odither[MAX_Q_COMPS]

◆ on_odd_row

boolean my_cquantizer::on_odd_row

◆ pub

struct jpeg_color_quantizer my_cquantizer::pub

◆ row_index

int my_cquantizer::row_index

Definition at line 157 of file jquant1.cpp.

Referenced by quantize3_ord_dither(), quantize_ord_dither(), and start_pass_1_quant().

◆ sv_actual

int my_cquantizer::sv_actual

Definition at line 145 of file jquant1.cpp.

Referenced by create_colorindex(), create_colormap(), and start_pass_1_quant().

◆ sv_colormap

JSAMPARRAY my_cquantizer::sv_colormap

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