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my_decomp_master Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file jdmaster.cpp.

Public Attributes

struct jpeg_decomp_master pub
int pass_number
boolean using_merged_upsample
struct jpeg_color_quantizerquantizer_1pass
struct jpeg_color_quantizerquantizer_2pass

Member Data Documentation

◆ pass_number

int my_decomp_master::pass_number

Definition at line 20 of file jdmaster.cpp.

◆ pub

struct jpeg_decomp_master my_decomp_master::pub

Definition at line 18 of file jdmaster.cpp.

◆ quantizer_1pass

struct jpeg_color_quantizer* my_decomp_master::quantizer_1pass

Definition at line 27 of file jdmaster.cpp.

◆ quantizer_2pass

struct jpeg_color_quantizer* my_decomp_master::quantizer_2pass

Definition at line 28 of file jdmaster.cpp.

◆ using_merged_upsample

boolean my_decomp_master::using_merged_upsample

Definition at line 22 of file jdmaster.cpp.

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