MRPT  1.9.9
Here is a list of all modules:
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 [mrpt-base]Mrpt-base: Obsolete in MRPT 2.0.0
 Scheduler helpers(in #include <mrpt/system/scheduler.h>)
 [mrpt-bayes]Bayesian filtering algorithms
 [mrpt-comms]Communication utilities: serial ports, networking (TCP, DNS,...), pub/sub nodelets
 Configuration file format in MRPTConfiguration ("INI"-like) file format in MRPT
 [mrpt-core]Core functions for MRPT
 Templates to declare integers by byte count (in#include <mrpt/core/integer_select.h>)
 Round functions (in #include <mrpt/core/round.h>)
 [mrpt-detectors]Computer-vision detectors
 [mrpt-graphs]Graphs data structures (directed graphs, trees, graphs of pose constraints), graphs algorithms
 [mrpt-graphslam]GraphSLAM algorithms
 [mrpt-gui]GUI support: 2D plots (Matlab-like), 3D rendering viewports, etc
 Utilities for MRPT-wxWidgets interfacing (in#include <mrpt/gui/WxUtils.h>)
 [mrpt-hmtslam]Hybrid Metric-Topological (HMT) SLAM implementation
 [mrpt-hwdrivers]Sensor and hardware-related drivers
 [mrpt-img]Basic computer vision data structures and tools: bitmap images, canvas, color maps, and pinhole camera models
 Color map functions (in #include<mrpt/img/color_maps.h>)
 [mrpt-kinematics]Kinematics of robot arms and mobile robots
 [mrpt-maps]Map representations for localization and SLAM
 libLAS interface for CPointsMap (in#include <mrpt/maps/CPointsMaps_liblas.h>)
 [mrpt-math]Math C++ library: vectors and matrices, probability distributions, statistics, geometry, etc
 Lightweight SE(2)/SE(3) types, geometry functions.Lightweight SE(2)/SE(3) data types, geometry functions, etc
 Vectors, matrices, linear AlgebraDynamic and fixed-size vectors and matrices, basic linear Algebra
 Custom I/O for math containers
 Statistics functions, probability distributions
 Filtering algorithms
 Fourier transform functions
 Fresnel integrals (`#include<mrpt/math/fresnel.h>`)
 Interpolation, least-squares fit, splines
 Vector and matrices mathematical operationsAnd other utilities
 Find polynomial roots (`#include<mrpt/math/poly_roots.h>`)
 RANSAC and other model fitting algorithms
 Gaussian PDF transformation functions
 Helper functions for MEX & MATLAB
 [mrpt-nanoflann]Embedded copy of the nanoflann C++11 library for KD-trees
 [mrpt-nav]Autonomous navigation, path planning
 Reactive navigation classes
 TP-Space and PTG classes
 Holonomic navigation methods
 Motion planning geometry utility functions(#include <mrpt/nav/nav_plan_geometry_utils.h>)
 Path planning
 [mrpt-obs]Observation classes for all kinds of robot sensors
 [mrpt-opengl]Visualization helpers for 3D rendering of all kind of primitives
 [mrpt-pbmap]Plane-based maps
 [mrpt-poses]SE(2)/SE(3) poses and probability distributions
 2D/3D points and poses
 2D/3D point and pose PDFs
 [mrpt-random]Random number generator C++ library support uniform, Gaussian, multivariable distributions
 [mrpt-rtti]Runtime Type Information (RTTI) library, providing compiler-independent class registry, class factory, and inheritance information
 [mrpt-serialization]Serialization (marshalling) portable library for C++ objects persistence
 Non-CStream serialization functions (in#include <mrpt/serializatin/CSerializable.h>)
 [mrpt-slam]SLAM and PF-localization algorithms
 Metric SLAM algorithms
 Data association
 [mrpt-system]An OS abstraction layer and other miscellaneous functionality: filesystem, date and time, memory handling and much more
 Time and date functions.Header: #include <mrpt/system/datetime.h>
 Directories, files, and file namesHeader: #include <mrpt/system/filesystem.h>
 OS and compiler abstractionHeader: #include <mrpt/system/os.h>
 Load and save vectors to files (in #include<mrpt/io/vector_loadsave.h>)
 CRC functionsHeader: #include <mrpt/system/crc.h>
 MD5 functionsHeader: #include <mrpt/system/md5.h>
 Memory utilitiesHeader: #include <mrpt/system/memory.h>
 String management and utilitiesHeader: #include <mrpt/system/string_utils.h>
 [mrpt-tfest]Algorithms to find optimal transformations from sets of correspondences
 [mrpt-topography]Topographic functions, geoid transformations
 [mrpt-typemeta]Metaprogramming header-only library to obtain constexpr textual string representations of enum types and type names, including smart pointers and complex STL compound types
 [mrpt-vision]Computer vision algorithms
 Feature detection, descriptors and matching
 KD-Tree construction of visualDescriptors
 Bundle-Adjustment methods
 Chessboard calibration
 Perspective-n-Point pose estimation
 Feature detection and tracking
 Load matrix from CSV file (in #include <mrpt/io/csv.h>)
 The XML parser
 Parsing XML files/strings to an XMLNode structureAnd Rendering XMLNode's to files/string
 Navigate the XMLNode structure
 Create or Update the XMLNode structureThe functions in this group allows you to create from scratch (or update) a XMLNode structure
 ato? like functionsThe "xmlto?" functions are equivalents to the atoi, atol, atof functions
 Helper class to create XML files using "printf","fprintf", "cout",..
 Helper class to include binary data inside XMLStrings using "Base64 encoding"
 Pointcloud adapter (wrapper) template classes(in #include <mrpt/opengl/pointcloud_adapters.h>)
 nanoflann C++ library for ANN
 Result set classes
 Load/save auxiliary functions
 Metric (distance) classes
 Parameter structs
 Memory allocation
 Auxiliary metaprogramming stuff
 KD-tree classes and adaptors
 Global enumerations
 C Interface
 Sse_optimizationsSSE optimized functions

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