struct mrpt::nav::CAbstractPTGBasedReactive::TSentVelCmd

#include <mrpt/nav/reactive/CAbstractPTGBasedReactive.h>

struct TSentVelCmd

    int ptg_index;
    int ptg_alpha_index;
    mrpt::system::TTimeStamp tim_send_cmd_vel;
    TRobotPoseVel poseVel;
    double colfreedist_move_k;
    bool was_slowdown;
    double speed_scale;
    double original_holo_eval;
    CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator::TNavDynamicState ptg_dynState;


    bool isValid() const;
    void reset();


int ptg_index

0-based index of used PTG

int ptg_alpha_index

Path index for selected PTG.

mrpt::system::TTimeStamp tim_send_cmd_vel

Timestamp of when the cmd was sent.

TRobotPoseVel poseVel

Robot pose & velocities and timestamp of when it was queried.

double colfreedist_move_k

TP-Obstacles in the move direction at the instant of picking this movement.

double speed_scale

[0,1] scale of the raw cmd_vel as generated by the PTG