struct nanoflann::KDTreeSingleIndexAdaptor::Node

#include <nanoflann.hpp>

struct Node

    IndexType left;
    IndexType right;
    struct nanoflann::KDTreeSingleIndexAdaptor::Node::@18::leaf lr;
    int divfeat;
    DistanceType divlow;
    DistanceType divhigh;
    struct nanoflann::KDTreeSingleIndexAdaptor::Node::@18::nonleaf sub;
    union nanoflann::KDTreeSingleIndexAdaptor::Node::@18 node_type;
    Node* child1;
    Node* child2;


IndexType right

Indices of points in leaf node.

int divfeat

Dimension used for subdivision.

DistanceType divhigh

The values used for subdivision.

unnamed-union node_type

Union used because a node can be either a LEAF node or a non-leaf node, so both data fields are never used simultaneously.

Node* child2

Child nodes (both=NULL mean its a leaf node)