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deflate.h File Reference
#include "zutil.h"
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struct  ct_data_s
struct  tree_desc_s
struct  internal_state


#define GZIP
#define LENGTH_CODES   29
#define LITERALS   256
#define D_CODES   30
#define BL_CODES   19
#define HEAP_SIZE   (2*L_CODES+1)
#define MAX_BITS   15
#define INIT_STATE   42
#define EXTRA_STATE   69
#define NAME_STATE   73
#define COMMENT_STATE   91
#define HCRC_STATE   103
#define BUSY_STATE   113
#define FINISH_STATE   666
#define Freq   fc.freq
#define Code   fc.code
#define Dad
#define Len   dl.len
#define max_insert_length   max_lazy_match
#define put_byte(s, c)   {s->pending_buf[s->pending++] = (c);}
#define MAX_DIST(s)   ((s)->w_size-MIN_LOOKAHEAD)
#define d_code(dist)   ((dist) < 256 ? _dist_code[dist] : _dist_code[256+((dist)>>7)])
#define _tr_tally_lit(s, c, flush)
#define _tr_tally_dist(s, distance, length, flush)


typedef struct ct_data_s ct_data
typedef struct static_tree_desc_s static_tree_desc
typedef struct tree_desc_s tree_desc
typedef ush Pos
typedef Pos FAR Posf
typedef unsigned IPos
typedef struct internal_state deflate_state


void _tr_init OF ((deflate_state *s))
int _tr_tally OF ((deflate_state *s, unsigned dist, unsigned lc))
void _tr_flush_block OF ((deflate_state *s, charf *buf, ulg stored_len, int eof))


const uch _length_code []
const uch _dist_code []

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _tr_tally_dist (   s,
{ uch len = (length); \
ush dist = (distance); \
s->d_buf[s->last_lit] = dist; \
s->l_buf[s->last_lit++] = len; \
dist--; \
s->dyn_ltree[_length_code[len]+LITERALS+1].Freq++; \
s->dyn_dtree[d_code(dist)].Freq++; \
flush = (s->last_lit == s->lit_bufsize-1); \
GLuint GLsizei GLsizei * length
Definition: glew.h:1732
GLdouble s
Definition: glew.h:1295
#define LITERALS
Definition: deflate.h:37
GLenum GLsizei len
Definition: glew.h:3955
unsigned short ush
Definition: zutil.h:53
#define d_code(dist)
Definition: deflate.h:294
unsigned char uch
Definition: zutil.h:51
const uch _length_code[]
Definition: trees.h:109
double BASE_IMPEXP distance(const TPoint2D &p1, const TPoint2D &p2)
Gets the distance between two points in a 2D space.
Definition: geometry.cpp:1511

Definition at line 319 of file deflate.h.

#define _tr_tally_lit (   s,
{ uch cc = (c); \
s->d_buf[s->last_lit] = 0; \
s->l_buf[s->last_lit++] = cc; \
s->dyn_ltree[cc].Freq++; \
flush = (s->last_lit == s->lit_bufsize-1); \
const GLfloat * c
Definition: glew.h:10088
GLdouble s
Definition: glew.h:1295
unsigned char uch
Definition: zutil.h:51

Definition at line 312 of file deflate.h.

#define BL_CODES   19

Definition at line 46 of file deflate.h.

#define BUSY_STATE   113

Definition at line 60 of file deflate.h.

#define Code   fc.code

Definition at line 78 of file deflate.h.

#define COMMENT_STATE   91

Definition at line 58 of file deflate.h.

#define d_code (   dist)    ((dist) < 256 ? _dist_code[dist] : _dist_code[256+((dist)>>7)])

Definition at line 294 of file deflate.h.

#define D_CODES   30

Definition at line 43 of file deflate.h.

#define Dad

Definition at line 79 of file deflate.h.

#define EXTRA_STATE   69

Definition at line 56 of file deflate.h.

#define FINISH_STATE   666

Definition at line 61 of file deflate.h.

#define Freq   fc.freq

Definition at line 77 of file deflate.h.

#define GZIP

Definition at line 27 of file deflate.h.

#define HCRC_STATE   103

Definition at line 59 of file deflate.h.

#define HEAP_SIZE   (2*L_CODES+1)

Definition at line 49 of file deflate.h.

#define INIT_STATE   42

Definition at line 55 of file deflate.h.


Definition at line 40 of file deflate.h.

#define Len   dl.len

Definition at line 80 of file deflate.h.

#define LENGTH_CODES   29

Definition at line 34 of file deflate.h.

#define LITERALS   256

Definition at line 37 of file deflate.h.

#define MAX_BITS   15

Definition at line 52 of file deflate.h.

#define MAX_DIST (   s)    ((s)->w_size-MIN_LOOKAHEAD)

Definition at line 280 of file deflate.h.

#define max_insert_length   max_lazy_match

Definition at line 180 of file deflate.h.


Definition at line 275 of file deflate.h.

#define NAME_STATE   73

Definition at line 57 of file deflate.h.

#define put_byte (   s,
)    {s->pending_buf[s->pending++] = (c);}

Definition at line 272 of file deflate.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct ct_data_s ct_data
typedef struct internal_state deflate_state
typedef unsigned IPos

Definition at line 92 of file deflate.h.

typedef ush Pos

Definition at line 90 of file deflate.h.

typedef Pos FAR Posf

Definition at line 91 of file deflate.h.

typedef struct static_tree_desc_s static_tree_desc

Definition at line 82 of file deflate.h.

typedef struct tree_desc_s tree_desc

Function Documentation

void _tr_init OF ( (deflate_state *s )
int _tr_tally OF ( (deflate_state *s, unsigned dist, unsigned lc)  )
void _tr_flush_block OF ( (deflate_state *s, charf *buf, ulg stored_len, int eof)  )

Variable Documentation

const uch _dist_code[]

Definition at line 80 of file trees.h.

const uch _length_code[]

Definition at line 109 of file trees.h.

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