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glxew.h File Reference
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <X11/Xutil.h>
#include <X11/Xmd.h>
#include <GL/glew.h>
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struct  GLXPbufferClobberEvent
union  __GLXEvent
struct  GLXHyperpipeNetworkSGIX
struct  GLXPipeRectLimits
struct  GLXHyperpipeConfigSGIX
struct  GLXPipeRect
struct  GLXBufferClobberEventSGIX


#define __GLXEW_H__
#define __glxext_h_
#define __GLX_glx_h__
#define GLX_H
#define GLX_VERSION_1_0   1
#define GLX_USE_GL   1
#define GLX_BUFFER_SIZE   2
#define GLX_LEVEL   3
#define GLX_RGBA   4
#define GLX_STEREO   6
#define GLX_AUX_BUFFERS   7
#define GLX_RED_SIZE   8
#define GLX_GREEN_SIZE   9
#define GLX_BLUE_SIZE   10
#define GLX_ALPHA_SIZE   11
#define GLX_DEPTH_SIZE   12
#define GLX_STENCIL_SIZE   13
#define GLX_ACCUM_RED_SIZE   14
#define GLX_ACCUM_BLUE_SIZE   16
#define GLX_BAD_SCREEN   1
#define GLX_NO_EXTENSION   3
#define GLX_BAD_VISUAL   4
#define GLX_BAD_CONTEXT   5
#define GLX_BAD_VALUE   6
#define GLX_BAD_ENUM   7
#define GLX_VERSION_1_1
#define GLX_VENDOR   0x1
#define GLX_VERSION   0x2
#define GLX_EXTENSIONS   0x3
#define GLX_VERSION_1_2   1
#define glXGetCurrentDisplay   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetCurrentDisplay)
#define GLX_VERSION_1_3   1
#define GLX_RGBA_BIT   0x00000001
#define GLX_FRONT_LEFT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000001
#define GLX_WINDOW_BIT   0x00000001
#define GLX_COLOR_INDEX_BIT   0x00000002
#define GLX_PIXMAP_BIT   0x00000002
#define GLX_FRONT_RIGHT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000002
#define GLX_BACK_LEFT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000004
#define GLX_PBUFFER_BIT   0x00000004
#define GLX_BACK_RIGHT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000008
#define GLX_AUX_BUFFERS_BIT   0x00000010
#define GLX_CONFIG_CAVEAT   0x20
#define GLX_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000020
#define GLX_X_VISUAL_TYPE   0x22
#define GLX_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000040
#define GLX_ACCUM_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000080
#define GLX_NONE   0x8000
#define GLX_SLOW_CONFIG   0x8001
#define GLX_TRUE_COLOR   0x8002
#define GLX_DIRECT_COLOR   0x8003
#define GLX_PSEUDO_COLOR   0x8004
#define GLX_STATIC_COLOR   0x8005
#define GLX_GRAY_SCALE   0x8006
#define GLX_STATIC_GRAY   0x8007
#define GLX_TRANSPARENT_RGB   0x8008
#define GLX_TRANSPARENT_INDEX   0x8009
#define GLX_VISUAL_ID   0x800B
#define GLX_SCREEN   0x800C
#define GLX_DRAWABLE_TYPE   0x8010
#define GLX_RENDER_TYPE   0x8011
#define GLX_X_RENDERABLE   0x8012
#define GLX_FBCONFIG_ID   0x8013
#define GLX_RGBA_TYPE   0x8014
#define GLX_COLOR_INDEX_TYPE   0x8015
#define GLX_MAX_PBUFFER_WIDTH   0x8016
#define GLX_MAX_PBUFFER_HEIGHT   0x8017
#define GLX_MAX_PBUFFER_PIXELS   0x8018
#define GLX_LARGEST_PBUFFER   0x801C
#define GLX_WIDTH   0x801D
#define GLX_HEIGHT   0x801E
#define GLX_EVENT_MASK   0x801F
#define GLX_DAMAGED   0x8020
#define GLX_SAVED   0x8021
#define GLX_WINDOW   0x8022
#define GLX_PBUFFER   0x8023
#define GLX_PBUFFER_HEIGHT   0x8040
#define GLX_PBUFFER_WIDTH   0x8041
#define GLX_PBUFFER_CLOBBER_MASK   0x08000000
#define glXChooseFBConfig   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXChooseFBConfig)
#define glXCreateNewContext   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateNewContext)
#define glXCreatePbuffer   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreatePbuffer)
#define glXCreatePixmap   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreatePixmap)
#define glXCreateWindow   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateWindow)
#define glXDestroyPbuffer   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXDestroyPbuffer)
#define glXDestroyPixmap   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXDestroyPixmap)
#define glXDestroyWindow   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXDestroyWindow)
#define glXGetCurrentReadDrawable   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetCurrentReadDrawable)
#define glXGetFBConfigAttrib   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetFBConfigAttrib)
#define glXGetFBConfigs   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetFBConfigs)
#define glXGetSelectedEvent   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetSelectedEvent)
#define glXGetVisualFromFBConfig   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetVisualFromFBConfig)
#define glXMakeContextCurrent   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXMakeContextCurrent)
#define glXQueryContext   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryContext)
#define glXQueryDrawable   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryDrawable)
#define glXSelectEvent   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXSelectEvent)
#define GLX_VERSION_1_4   1
#define GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS   100000
#define GLX_SAMPLES   100001
#define GLX_3DFX_multisample   1
#define GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_3DFX   0x8050
#define GLX_SAMPLES_3DFX   0x8051
#define GLXEW_3DFX_multisample   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_3DFX_multisample)
#define GLX_ARB_create_context   1
#define GLX_CONTEXT_DEBUG_BIT_ARB   0x0001
#define GLX_CONTEXT_FLAGS_ARB   0x2094
#define glXCreateContextAttribsARB   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateContextAttribsARB)
#define GLXEW_ARB_create_context   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ARB_create_context)
#define GLX_ARB_fbconfig_float   1
#define GLX_RGBA_FLOAT_BIT   0x00000004
#define GLX_RGBA_FLOAT_TYPE   0x20B9
#define GLXEW_ARB_fbconfig_float   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ARB_fbconfig_float)
#define GLX_ARB_framebuffer_sRGB   1
#define GLXEW_ARB_framebuffer_sRGB   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ARB_framebuffer_sRGB)
#define GLX_ARB_get_proc_address   1
#define GLXEW_ARB_get_proc_address   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ARB_get_proc_address)
#define GLX_ARB_multisample   1
#define GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_ARB   100000
#define GLX_SAMPLES_ARB   100001
#define GLXEW_ARB_multisample   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ARB_multisample)
#define GLX_ATI_pixel_format_float   1
#define GLX_RGBA_FLOAT_ATI_BIT   0x00000100
#define GLXEW_ATI_pixel_format_float   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ATI_pixel_format_float)
#define GLX_ATI_render_texture   1
#define GLX_BIND_TO_TEXTURE_RGB_ATI   0x9800
#define GLX_TEXTURE_FORMAT_ATI   0x9802
#define GLX_TEXTURE_TARGET_ATI   0x9803
#define GLX_MIPMAP_TEXTURE_ATI   0x9804
#define GLX_TEXTURE_RGB_ATI   0x9805
#define GLX_TEXTURE_RGBA_ATI   0x9806
#define GLX_NO_TEXTURE_ATI   0x9807
#define GLX_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_ATI   0x9808
#define GLX_TEXTURE_1D_ATI   0x9809
#define GLX_TEXTURE_2D_ATI   0x980A
#define GLX_MIPMAP_LEVEL_ATI   0x980B
#define GLX_CUBE_MAP_FACE_ATI   0x980C
#define GLX_FRONT_LEFT_ATI   0x9813
#define GLX_FRONT_RIGHT_ATI   0x9814
#define GLX_BACK_LEFT_ATI   0x9815
#define GLX_BACK_RIGHT_ATI   0x9816
#define GLX_AUX0_ATI   0x9817
#define GLX_AUX1_ATI   0x9818
#define GLX_AUX2_ATI   0x9819
#define GLX_AUX3_ATI   0x981A
#define GLX_AUX4_ATI   0x981B
#define GLX_AUX5_ATI   0x981C
#define GLX_AUX6_ATI   0x981D
#define GLX_AUX7_ATI   0x981E
#define GLX_AUX8_ATI   0x981F
#define GLX_AUX9_ATI   0x9820
#define glXBindTexImageATI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindTexImageATI)
#define glXDrawableAttribATI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXDrawableAttribATI)
#define glXReleaseTexImageATI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXReleaseTexImageATI)
#define GLXEW_ATI_render_texture   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ATI_render_texture)
#define GLX_EXT_fbconfig_packed_float   1
#define GLX_RGBA_UNSIGNED_FLOAT_BIT_EXT   0x00000008
#define GLXEW_EXT_fbconfig_packed_float   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_fbconfig_packed_float)
#define GLX_EXT_framebuffer_sRGB   1
#define GLXEW_EXT_framebuffer_sRGB   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_framebuffer_sRGB)
#define GLX_EXT_import_context   1
#define GLX_SHARE_CONTEXT_EXT   0x800A
#define GLX_VISUAL_ID_EXT   0x800B
#define GLX_SCREEN_EXT   0x800C
#define glXFreeContextEXT   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXFreeContextEXT)
#define glXGetContextIDEXT   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetContextIDEXT)
#define glXImportContextEXT   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXImportContextEXT)
#define glXQueryContextInfoEXT   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryContextInfoEXT)
#define GLXEW_EXT_import_context   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_import_context)
#define GLX_EXT_scene_marker   1
#define GLXEW_EXT_scene_marker   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_scene_marker)
#define GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap   1
#define GLX_TEXTURE_1D_BIT_EXT   0x00000001
#define GLX_TEXTURE_2D_BIT_EXT   0x00000002
#define GLX_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_BIT_EXT   0x00000004
#define GLX_Y_INVERTED_EXT   0x20D4
#define GLX_TEXTURE_1D_EXT   0x20DB
#define GLX_TEXTURE_2D_EXT   0x20DC
#define GLX_FRONT_LEFT_EXT   0x20DE
#define GLX_FRONT_RIGHT_EXT   0x20DF
#define GLX_BACK_LEFT_EXT   0x20E0
#define GLX_BACK_RIGHT_EXT   0x20E1
#define GLX_AUX0_EXT   0x20E2
#define GLX_AUX1_EXT   0x20E3
#define GLX_AUX2_EXT   0x20E4
#define GLX_AUX3_EXT   0x20E5
#define GLX_AUX4_EXT   0x20E6
#define GLX_AUX5_EXT   0x20E7
#define GLX_AUX6_EXT   0x20E8
#define GLX_AUX7_EXT   0x20E9
#define GLX_AUX8_EXT   0x20EA
#define GLX_AUX9_EXT   0x20EB
#define glXBindTexImageEXT   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindTexImageEXT)
#define glXReleaseTexImageEXT   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXReleaseTexImageEXT)
#define GLXEW_EXT_texture_from_pixmap   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_texture_from_pixmap)
#define GLX_EXT_visual_info   1
#define GLX_X_VISUAL_TYPE_EXT   0x22
#define GLX_NONE_EXT   0x8000
#define GLX_TRUE_COLOR_EXT   0x8002
#define GLX_DIRECT_COLOR_EXT   0x8003
#define GLX_PSEUDO_COLOR_EXT   0x8004
#define GLX_STATIC_COLOR_EXT   0x8005
#define GLX_GRAY_SCALE_EXT   0x8006
#define GLX_STATIC_GRAY_EXT   0x8007
#define GLX_TRANSPARENT_RGB_EXT   0x8008
#define GLXEW_EXT_visual_info   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_visual_info)
#define GLX_EXT_visual_rating   1
#define GLX_VISUAL_CAVEAT_EXT   0x20
#define GLX_SLOW_VISUAL_EXT   0x8001
#define GLXEW_EXT_visual_rating   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_visual_rating)
#define GLX_MESA_agp_offset   1
#define glXGetAGPOffsetMESA   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetAGPOffsetMESA)
#define GLXEW_MESA_agp_offset   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_MESA_agp_offset)
#define GLX_MESA_copy_sub_buffer   1
#define glXCopySubBufferMESA   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCopySubBufferMESA)
#define GLXEW_MESA_copy_sub_buffer   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_MESA_copy_sub_buffer)
#define GLX_MESA_pixmap_colormap   1
#define glXCreateGLXPixmapMESA   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateGLXPixmapMESA)
#define GLXEW_MESA_pixmap_colormap   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_MESA_pixmap_colormap)
#define GLX_MESA_release_buffers   1
#define glXReleaseBuffersMESA   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXReleaseBuffersMESA)
#define GLXEW_MESA_release_buffers   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_MESA_release_buffers)
#define GLX_MESA_set_3dfx_mode   1
#define glXSet3DfxModeMESA   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXSet3DfxModeMESA)
#define GLXEW_MESA_set_3dfx_mode   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_MESA_set_3dfx_mode)
#define GLX_NV_float_buffer   1
#define GLXEW_NV_float_buffer   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_NV_float_buffer)
#define GLX_NV_present_video   1
#define GLX_NUM_VIDEO_SLOTS_NV   0x20F0
#define glXBindVideoDeviceNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindVideoDeviceNV)
#define glXEnumerateVideoDevicesNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXEnumerateVideoDevicesNV)
#define GLXEW_NV_present_video   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_NV_present_video)
#define GLX_NV_swap_group   1
#define glXBindSwapBarrierNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindSwapBarrierNV)
#define glXJoinSwapGroupNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXJoinSwapGroupNV)
#define glXQueryFrameCountNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryFrameCountNV)
#define glXQueryMaxSwapGroupsNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryMaxSwapGroupsNV)
#define glXQuerySwapGroupNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQuerySwapGroupNV)
#define glXResetFrameCountNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXResetFrameCountNV)
#define GLXEW_NV_swap_group   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_NV_swap_group)
#define GLX_NV_vertex_array_range   1
#define glXAllocateMemoryNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXAllocateMemoryNV)
#define glXFreeMemoryNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXFreeMemoryNV)
#define GLXEW_NV_vertex_array_range   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_NV_vertex_array_range)
#define GLX_NV_video_output   1
#define GLX_VIDEO_OUT_COLOR_NV   0x20C3
#define GLX_VIDEO_OUT_ALPHA_NV   0x20C4
#define GLX_VIDEO_OUT_DEPTH_NV   0x20C5
#define GLX_VIDEO_OUT_FRAME_NV   0x20C8
#define GLX_VIDEO_OUT_FIELD_1_NV   0x20C9
#define GLX_VIDEO_OUT_FIELD_2_NV   0x20CA
#define glXBindVideoImageNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindVideoImageNV)
#define glXGetVideoDeviceNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetVideoDeviceNV)
#define glXGetVideoInfoNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetVideoInfoNV)
#define glXReleaseVideoDeviceNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXReleaseVideoDeviceNV)
#define glXReleaseVideoImageNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXReleaseVideoImageNV)
#define glXSendPbufferToVideoNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXSendPbufferToVideoNV)
#define GLXEW_NV_video_output   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_NV_video_output)
#define GLX_OML_swap_method   1
#define GLX_SWAP_METHOD_OML   0x8060
#define GLX_SWAP_EXCHANGE_OML   0x8061
#define GLX_SWAP_COPY_OML   0x8062
#define GLX_SWAP_UNDEFINED_OML   0x8063
#define GLXEW_OML_swap_method   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_OML_swap_method)
#define GLX_SGIS_blended_overlay   1
#define GLX_BLENDED_RGBA_SGIS   0x8025
#define GLXEW_SGIS_blended_overlay   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIS_blended_overlay)
#define GLX_SGIS_color_range   1
#define GLX_MIN_RED_SGIS   0
#define GLX_MAX_GREEN_SGIS   0
#define GLX_MIN_BLUE_SGIS   0
#define GLX_MAX_ALPHA_SGIS   0
#define GLX_MIN_GREEN_SGIS   0
#define GLX_MIN_ALPHA_SGIS   0
#define GLX_MAX_RED_SGIS   0
#define GLX_MAX_BLUE_SGIS   0
#define GLXEW_SGIS_color_range   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIS_color_range)
#define GLX_SGIS_multisample   1
#define GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_SGIS   100000
#define GLX_SAMPLES_SGIS   100001
#define GLXEW_SGIS_multisample   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIS_multisample)
#define GLX_SGIS_shared_multisample   1
#define GLXEW_SGIS_shared_multisample   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIS_shared_multisample)
#define GLX_SGIX_fbconfig   1
#define GLX_WINDOW_BIT_SGIX   0x00000001
#define GLX_RGBA_BIT_SGIX   0x00000001
#define GLX_PIXMAP_BIT_SGIX   0x00000002
#define GLX_COLOR_INDEX_BIT_SGIX   0x00000002
#define GLX_SCREEN_EXT   0x800C
#define GLX_DRAWABLE_TYPE_SGIX   0x8010
#define GLX_RENDER_TYPE_SGIX   0x8011
#define GLX_X_RENDERABLE_SGIX   0x8012
#define GLX_FBCONFIG_ID_SGIX   0x8013
#define GLX_RGBA_TYPE_SGIX   0x8014
#define GLX_COLOR_INDEX_TYPE_SGIX   0x8015
#define glXChooseFBConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXChooseFBConfigSGIX)
#define glXCreateContextWithConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateContextWithConfigSGIX)
#define glXCreateGLXPixmapWithConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateGLXPixmapWithConfigSGIX)
#define glXGetFBConfigAttribSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetFBConfigAttribSGIX)
#define glXGetFBConfigFromVisualSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetFBConfigFromVisualSGIX)
#define glXGetVisualFromFBConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetVisualFromFBConfigSGIX)
#define GLXEW_SGIX_fbconfig   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_fbconfig)
#define GLX_SGIX_hyperpipe   1
#define GLX_PIPE_RECT_SGIX   0x00000001
#define GLX_PIPE_RECT_LIMITS_SGIX   0x00000002
#define GLX_HYPERPIPE_STEREO_SGIX   0x00000003
#define GLX_HYPERPIPE_ID_SGIX   0x8030
#define glXBindHyperpipeSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindHyperpipeSGIX)
#define glXDestroyHyperpipeConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXDestroyHyperpipeConfigSGIX)
#define glXHyperpipeAttribSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXHyperpipeAttribSGIX)
#define glXHyperpipeConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXHyperpipeConfigSGIX)
#define glXQueryHyperpipeAttribSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryHyperpipeAttribSGIX)
#define glXQueryHyperpipeBestAttribSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryHyperpipeBestAttribSGIX)
#define glXQueryHyperpipeConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryHyperpipeConfigSGIX)
#define glXQueryHyperpipeNetworkSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryHyperpipeNetworkSGIX)
#define GLXEW_SGIX_hyperpipe   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_hyperpipe)
#define GLX_SGIX_pbuffer   1
#define GLX_FRONT_LEFT_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000001
#define GLX_FRONT_RIGHT_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000002
#define GLX_PBUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000004
#define GLX_BACK_LEFT_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000004
#define GLX_BACK_RIGHT_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000008
#define GLX_AUX_BUFFERS_BIT_SGIX   0x00000010
#define GLX_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000020
#define GLX_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000040
#define GLX_ACCUM_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000080
#define GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_BIT_SGIX   0x00000100
#define GLX_WIDTH_SGIX   0x801D
#define GLX_HEIGHT_SGIX   0x801E
#define GLX_EVENT_MASK_SGIX   0x801F
#define GLX_DAMAGED_SGIX   0x8020
#define GLX_SAVED_SGIX   0x8021
#define GLX_WINDOW_SGIX   0x8022
#define GLX_PBUFFER_SGIX   0x8023
#define GLX_BUFFER_CLOBBER_MASK_SGIX   0x08000000
#define glXCreateGLXPbufferSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateGLXPbufferSGIX)
#define glXDestroyGLXPbufferSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXDestroyGLXPbufferSGIX)
#define glXGetSelectedEventSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetSelectedEventSGIX)
#define glXQueryGLXPbufferSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryGLXPbufferSGIX)
#define glXSelectEventSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXSelectEventSGIX)
#define GLXEW_SGIX_pbuffer   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_pbuffer)
#define GLX_SGIX_swap_barrier   1
#define glXBindSwapBarrierSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindSwapBarrierSGIX)
#define glXQueryMaxSwapBarriersSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryMaxSwapBarriersSGIX)
#define GLXEW_SGIX_swap_barrier   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_swap_barrier)
#define GLX_SGIX_swap_group   1
#define glXJoinSwapGroupSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXJoinSwapGroupSGIX)
#define GLXEW_SGIX_swap_group   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_swap_group)
#define GLX_SGIX_video_resize   1
#define GLX_SYNC_FRAME_SGIX   0x00000000
#define GLX_SYNC_SWAP_SGIX   0x00000001
#define glXBindChannelToWindowSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindChannelToWindowSGIX)
#define glXChannelRectSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXChannelRectSGIX)
#define glXChannelRectSyncSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXChannelRectSyncSGIX)
#define glXQueryChannelDeltasSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryChannelDeltasSGIX)
#define glXQueryChannelRectSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryChannelRectSGIX)
#define GLXEW_SGIX_video_resize   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_video_resize)
#define GLX_SGIX_visual_select_group   1
#define GLXEW_SGIX_visual_select_group   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_visual_select_group)
#define GLX_SGI_cushion   1
#define glXCushionSGI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCushionSGI)
#define GLXEW_SGI_cushion   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGI_cushion)
#define GLX_SGI_make_current_read   1
#define glXGetCurrentReadDrawableSGI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetCurrentReadDrawableSGI)
#define glXMakeCurrentReadSGI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXMakeCurrentReadSGI)
#define GLXEW_SGI_make_current_read   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGI_make_current_read)
#define GLX_SGI_swap_control   1
#define glXSwapIntervalSGI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXSwapIntervalSGI)
#define GLXEW_SGI_swap_control   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGI_swap_control)
#define GLX_SGI_video_sync   1
#define glXGetVideoSyncSGI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetVideoSyncSGI)
#define glXWaitVideoSyncSGI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXWaitVideoSyncSGI)
#define GLXEW_SGI_video_sync   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGI_video_sync)
#define GLX_SUN_get_transparent_index   1
#define glXGetTransparentIndexSUN   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetTransparentIndexSUN)
#define GLXEW_SUN_get_transparent_index   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SUN_get_transparent_index)
#define GLX_SUN_video_resize   1
#define GLX_VIDEO_RESIZE_SUN   0x8171
#define glXGetVideoResizeSUN   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetVideoResizeSUN)
#define glXVideoResizeSUN   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXVideoResizeSUN)
#define GLXEW_SUN_video_resize   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SUN_video_resize)
#define GLXEW_EXPORT   extern
#define GLXEW_GET_VAR(x)   (*(const GLboolean*)&x)
#define GLXEW_GET_FUN(x)   x


typedef XID GLXDrawable
typedef XID GLXPixmap
typedef struct __GLXcontextRec * GLXContext
typedef unsigned int GLXVideoDeviceNV
typedef XID GLXFBConfigID
typedef XID GLXWindow
typedef XID GLXPbuffer
typedef struct __GLXFBConfigRec * GLXFBConfig
typedef union __GLXEvent GLXEvent
typedef GLXFBConfig *(* PFNGLXCHOOSEFBCONFIGPROC )(Display *dpy, int screen, const int *attrib_list, int *nelements)
typedef GLXContext(* PFNGLXCREATENEWCONTEXTPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, int render_type, GLXContext share_list, Bool direct)
typedef GLXPbuffer(* PFNGLXCREATEPBUFFERPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, const int *attrib_list)
typedef GLXPixmap(* PFNGLXCREATEPIXMAPPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, Pixmap pixmap, const int *attrib_list)
typedef GLXWindow(* PFNGLXCREATEWINDOWPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, Window win, const int *attrib_list)
typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYPBUFFERPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf)
typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYPIXMAPPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXPixmap pixmap)
typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYWINDOWPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXWindow win)
typedef int(* PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGATTRIBPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, int attribute, int *value)
typedef GLXFBConfig *(* PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGSPROC )(Display *dpy, int screen, int *nelements)
typedef void(* PFNGLXGETSELECTEDEVENTPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, unsigned long *event_mask)
typedef XVisualInfo *(* PFNGLXGETVISUALFROMFBCONFIGPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXMAKECONTEXTCURRENTPROC )(Display *display, GLXDrawable draw, GLXDrawable read, GLXContext ctx)
typedef int(* PFNGLXQUERYCONTEXTPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXContext ctx, int attribute, int *value)
typedef void(* PFNGLXQUERYDRAWABLEPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, int attribute, unsigned int *value)
typedef void(* PFNGLXSELECTEVENTPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, unsigned long event_mask)
typedef GLXContext(* PFNGLXCREATECONTEXTATTRIBSARBPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, GLXContext share_context, Bool direct, const int *attrib_list)
typedef void(* PFNGLXBINDTEXIMAGEATIPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf, int buffer)
typedef void(* PFNGLXDRAWABLEATTRIBATIPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, const int *attrib_list)
typedef void(* PFNGLXRELEASETEXIMAGEATIPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf, int buffer)
typedef XID GLXContextID
typedef void(* PFNGLXFREECONTEXTEXTPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXContext context)
typedef GLXContextID(* PFNGLXGETCONTEXTIDEXTPROC )(const GLXContext context)
typedef GLXContext(* PFNGLXIMPORTCONTEXTEXTPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXContextID contextID)
typedef int(* PFNGLXQUERYCONTEXTINFOEXTPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXContext context, int attribute, int *value)
typedef void(* PFNGLXBINDTEXIMAGEEXTPROC )(Display *display, GLXDrawable drawable, int buffer, const int *attrib_list)
typedef void(* PFNGLXRELEASETEXIMAGEEXTPROC )(Display *display, GLXDrawable drawable, int buffer)
typedef unsigned int(* PFNGLXGETAGPOFFSETMESAPROC )(const void *pointer)
typedef void(* PFNGLXCOPYSUBBUFFERMESAPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, int x, int y, int width, int height)
typedef GLXPixmap(* PFNGLXCREATEGLXPIXMAPMESAPROC )(Display *dpy, XVisualInfo *visual, Pixmap pixmap, Colormap cmap)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXRELEASEBUFFERSMESAPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable d)
typedef GLboolean(* PFNGLXSET3DFXMODEMESAPROC )(GLint mode)
typedef int(* PFNGLXBINDVIDEODEVICENVPROC )(Display *dpy, unsigned int video_slot, unsigned int video_device, const int *attrib_list)
typedef unsigned int *(* PFNGLXENUMERATEVIDEODEVICESNVPROC )(Display *dpy, int screen, int *nelements)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXBINDSWAPBARRIERNVPROC )(Display *dpy, GLuint group, GLuint barrier)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXJOINSWAPGROUPNVPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, GLuint group)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXQUERYFRAMECOUNTNVPROC )(Display *dpy, int screen, GLuint *count)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXQUERYMAXSWAPGROUPSNVPROC )(Display *dpy, int screen, GLuint *maxGroups, GLuint *maxBarriers)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXQUERYSWAPGROUPNVPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, GLuint *group, GLuint *barrier)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXRESETFRAMECOUNTNVPROC )(Display *dpy, int screen)
typedef void *(* PFNGLXALLOCATEMEMORYNVPROC )(GLsizei size, GLfloat readFrequency, GLfloat writeFrequency, GLfloat priority)
typedef void(* PFNGLXFREEMEMORYNVPROC )(void *pointer)
typedef int(* PFNGLXBINDVIDEOIMAGENVPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXVideoDeviceNV VideoDevice, GLXPbuffer pbuf, int iVideoBuffer)
typedef int(* PFNGLXGETVIDEODEVICENVPROC )(Display *dpy, int screen, int numVideoDevices, GLXVideoDeviceNV *pVideoDevice)
typedef int(* PFNGLXGETVIDEOINFONVPROC )(Display *dpy, int screen, GLXVideoDeviceNV VideoDevice, unsigned long *pulCounterOutputPbuffer, unsigned long *pulCounterOutputVideo)
typedef int(* PFNGLXRELEASEVIDEODEVICENVPROC )(Display *dpy, int screen, GLXVideoDeviceNV VideoDevice)
typedef int(* PFNGLXRELEASEVIDEOIMAGENVPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf)
typedef int(* PFNGLXSENDPBUFFERTOVIDEONVPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf, int iBufferType, unsigned long *pulCounterPbuffer, GLboolean bBlock)
typedef struct __GLXFBConfigRec * GLXFBConfigSGIX
typedef GLXFBConfigSGIX *(* PFNGLXCHOOSEFBCONFIGSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, int screen, const int *attrib_list, int *nelements)
typedef GLXContext(* PFNGLXCREATECONTEXTWITHCONFIGSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, int render_type, GLXContext share_list, Bool direct)
typedef GLXPixmap(* PFNGLXCREATEGLXPIXMAPWITHCONFIGSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, Pixmap pixmap)
typedef int(* PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGATTRIBSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfigSGIX config, int attribute, int *value)
typedef XVisualInfo *(* PFNGLXGETVISUALFROMFBCONFIGSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config)
typedef int(* PFNGLXBINDHYPERPIPESGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, int hpId)
typedef int(* PFNGLXDESTROYHYPERPIPECONFIGSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, int hpId)
typedef int(* PFNGLXHYPERPIPEATTRIBSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, int timeSlice, int attrib, int size, void *attribList)
typedef int(* PFNGLXHYPERPIPECONFIGSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, int networkId, int npipes, GLXHyperpipeConfigSGIX *cfg, int *hpId)
typedef int(* PFNGLXQUERYHYPERPIPEATTRIBSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, int timeSlice, int attrib, int size, void *returnAttribList)
typedef int(* PFNGLXQUERYHYPERPIPEBESTATTRIBSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, int timeSlice, int attrib, int size, void *attribList, void *returnAttribList)
typedef GLXHyperpipeConfigSGIX *(* PFNGLXQUERYHYPERPIPECONFIGSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, int hpId, int *npipes)
typedef GLXHyperpipeNetworkSGIX *(* PFNGLXQUERYHYPERPIPENETWORKSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, int *npipes)
typedef XID GLXPbufferSGIX
typedef GLXPbuffer(* PFNGLXCREATEGLXPBUFFERSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, unsigned int width, unsigned int height, int *attrib_list)
typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYGLXPBUFFERSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf)
typedef void(* PFNGLXGETSELECTEDEVENTSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, unsigned long *mask)
typedef void(* PFNGLXQUERYGLXPBUFFERSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf, int attribute, unsigned int *value)
typedef void(* PFNGLXSELECTEVENTSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, unsigned long mask)
typedef void(* PFNGLXBINDSWAPBARRIERSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, int barrier)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXQUERYMAXSWAPBARRIERSSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, int screen, int *max)
typedef void(* PFNGLXJOINSWAPGROUPSGIXPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, GLXDrawable member)
typedef int(* PFNGLXBINDCHANNELTOWINDOWSGIXPROC )(Display *display, int screen, int channel, Window window)
typedef int(* PFNGLXCHANNELRECTSGIXPROC )(Display *display, int screen, int channel, int x, int y, int w, int h)
typedef int(* PFNGLXCHANNELRECTSYNCSGIXPROC )(Display *display, int screen, int channel, GLenum synctype)
typedef int(* PFNGLXQUERYCHANNELDELTASSGIXPROC )(Display *display, int screen, int channel, int *x, int *y, int *w, int *h)
typedef int(* PFNGLXQUERYCHANNELRECTSGIXPROC )(Display *display, int screen, int channel, int *dx, int *dy, int *dw, int *dh)
typedef void(* PFNGLXCUSHIONSGIPROC )(Display *dpy, Window window, float cushion)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXMAKECURRENTREADSGIPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, GLXDrawable read, GLXContext ctx)
typedef int(* PFNGLXSWAPINTERVALSGIPROC )(int interval)
typedef int(* PFNGLXGETVIDEOSYNCSGIPROC )(uint *count)
typedef int(* PFNGLXWAITVIDEOSYNCSGIPROC )(int divisor, int remainder, unsigned int *count)
typedef Status(* PFNGLXGETTRANSPARENTINDEXSUNPROC )(Display *dpy, Window overlay, Window underlay, unsigned long *pTransparentIndex)
typedef int(* PFNGLXGETVIDEORESIZESUNPROC )(Display *display, GLXDrawable window, float *factor)
typedef int(* PFNGLXVIDEORESIZESUNPROC )(Display *display, GLXDrawable window, float factor)


Bool glXQueryExtension (Display *dpy, int *errorBase, int *eventBase)
Bool glXQueryVersion (Display *dpy, int *major, int *minor)
int glXGetConfig (Display *dpy, XVisualInfo *vis, int attrib, int *value)
XVisualInfo * glXChooseVisual (Display *dpy, int screen, int *attribList)
GLXPixmap glXCreateGLXPixmap (Display *dpy, XVisualInfo *vis, Pixmap pixmap)
void glXDestroyGLXPixmap (Display *dpy, GLXPixmap pix)
GLXContext glXCreateContext (Display *dpy, XVisualInfo *vis, GLXContext shareList, Bool direct)
void glXDestroyContext (Display *dpy, GLXContext ctx)
Bool glXIsDirect (Display *dpy, GLXContext ctx)
void glXCopyContext (Display *dpy, GLXContext src, GLXContext dst, GLulong mask)
Bool glXMakeCurrent (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, GLXContext ctx)
GLXContext glXGetCurrentContext (void)
GLXDrawable glXGetCurrentDrawable (void)
void glXWaitGL (void)
void glXWaitX (void)
void glXSwapBuffers (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable)
void glXUseXFont (Font font, int first, int count, int listBase)
const char * glXQueryExtensionsString (Display *dpy, int screen)
const char * glXGetClientString (Display *dpy, int name)
const char * glXQueryServerString (Display *dpy, int screen, int name)
GLboolean glxewIsSupported (const char *name)
GLboolean glxewGetExtension (const char *name)


void(*)(voidglXGetProcAddress (const GLubyte *procName)
void(*)(voidglXGetProcAddressARB (const GLubyte *procName)
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_3DFX_multisample
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ARB_create_context
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ARB_fbconfig_float
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ARB_framebuffer_sRGB
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ARB_get_proc_address
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ARB_multisample
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ATI_pixel_format_float
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ATI_render_texture
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_fbconfig_packed_float
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_framebuffer_sRGB
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_import_context
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_scene_marker
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_texture_from_pixmap
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_visual_info
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_visual_rating
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_MESA_agp_offset
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_MESA_copy_sub_buffer
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_MESA_pixmap_colormap
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_MESA_release_buffers
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_MESA_set_3dfx_mode
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_NV_float_buffer
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_NV_present_video
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_NV_swap_group
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_NV_vertex_array_range
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_NV_video_output
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_OML_swap_method
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_OML_sync_control
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIS_blended_overlay
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIS_color_range
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIS_multisample
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIS_shared_multisample
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIX_fbconfig
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIX_hyperpipe
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIX_swap_barrier
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIX_swap_group
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIX_video_resize
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIX_visual_select_group
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGI_cushion
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGI_make_current_read
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGI_swap_control
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGI_video_sync
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SUN_get_transparent_index
GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SUN_video_resize

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __GLX_glx_h__

Definition at line 69 of file glxew.h.

#define __GLXEW_H__

Definition at line 59 of file glxew.h.

#define __glxext_h_

Definition at line 68 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 1147 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 654 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_3DFX_multisample   1

Definition at line 315 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 653 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 102 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_ACCUM_BLUE_SIZE   16

Definition at line 101 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_ACCUM_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000080

Definition at line 198 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_ACCUM_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000080

Definition at line 972 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 100 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_ACCUM_RED_SIZE   14

Definition at line 99 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_ALPHA_SIZE   11

Definition at line 96 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_ARB_create_context   1

Definition at line 327 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_ARB_fbconfig_float   1

Definition at line 346 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_ARB_framebuffer_sRGB   1

Definition at line 358 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_ARB_get_proc_address   1

Definition at line 369 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_ARB_multisample   1

Definition at line 380 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_ATI_pixel_format_float   1

Definition at line 392 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_ATI_render_texture   1

Definition at line 403 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX0_ATI   0x9817

Definition at line 428 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX0_EXT   0x20E2

Definition at line 536 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX1_ATI   0x9818

Definition at line 429 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX1_EXT   0x20E3

Definition at line 537 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX2_ATI   0x9819

Definition at line 430 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX2_EXT   0x20E4

Definition at line 538 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX3_ATI   0x981A

Definition at line 431 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX3_EXT   0x20E5

Definition at line 539 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX4_ATI   0x981B

Definition at line 432 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX4_EXT   0x20E6

Definition at line 540 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX5_ATI   0x981C

Definition at line 433 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX5_EXT   0x20E7

Definition at line 541 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX6_ATI   0x981D

Definition at line 434 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX6_EXT   0x20E8

Definition at line 542 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX7_ATI   0x981E

Definition at line 435 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX7_EXT   0x20E9

Definition at line 543 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX8_ATI   0x981F

Definition at line 436 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX8_EXT   0x20EA

Definition at line 544 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX9_ATI   0x9820

Definition at line 437 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX9_EXT   0x20EB

Definition at line 545 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX_BUFFERS   7

Definition at line 92 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX_BUFFERS_BIT   0x00000010

Definition at line 187 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_AUX_BUFFERS_BIT_SGIX   0x00000010

Definition at line 969 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BACK_LEFT_ATI   0x9815

Definition at line 426 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BACK_LEFT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000004

Definition at line 184 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BACK_LEFT_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000004

Definition at line 967 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BACK_LEFT_EXT   0x20E0

Definition at line 534 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BACK_RIGHT_ATI   0x9816

Definition at line 427 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BACK_RIGHT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000008

Definition at line 186 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BACK_RIGHT_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000008

Definition at line 968 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BACK_RIGHT_EXT   0x20E1

Definition at line 535 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 104 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BAD_CONTEXT   5

Definition at line 107 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BAD_ENUM   7

Definition at line 109 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 904 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 905 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BAD_SCREEN   1

Definition at line 103 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BAD_VALUE   6

Definition at line 108 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BAD_VISUAL   4

Definition at line 106 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 520 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 439 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 438 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BIND_TO_TEXTURE_RGB_ATI   0x9800

Definition at line 405 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 518 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 406 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 519 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 521 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BLENDED_RGBA_SGIS   0x8025

Definition at line 805 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BLUE_SIZE   10

Definition at line 95 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BUFFER_CLOBBER_MASK_SGIX   0x08000000

Definition at line 988 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_BUFFER_SIZE   2

Definition at line 87 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_COLOR_INDEX_BIT   0x00000002

Definition at line 181 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_COLOR_INDEX_BIT_SGIX   0x00000002

Definition at line 862 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_COLOR_INDEX_TYPE   0x8015

Definition at line 217 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_COLOR_INDEX_TYPE_SGIX   0x8015

Definition at line 869 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_CONFIG_CAVEAT   0x20

Definition at line 188 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_CONTEXT_DEBUG_BIT_ARB   0x0001

Definition at line 329 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_CONTEXT_FLAGS_ARB   0x2094

Definition at line 333 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 330 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 331 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 332 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_CUBE_MAP_FACE_ATI   0x980C

Definition at line 417 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_DAMAGED   0x8020

Definition at line 226 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_DAMAGED_SGIX   0x8020

Definition at line 984 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000020

Definition at line 189 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000020

Definition at line 970 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_DEPTH_SIZE   12

Definition at line 97 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_DIRECT_COLOR   0x8003

Definition at line 202 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_DIRECT_COLOR_EXT   0x8003

Definition at line 571 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 233 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 90 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_DRAWABLE_TYPE   0x8010

Definition at line 212 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_DRAWABLE_TYPE_SGIX   0x8010

Definition at line 864 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_EVENT_MASK   0x801F

Definition at line 225 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_EVENT_MASK_SGIX   0x801F

Definition at line 983 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_EXT_fbconfig_packed_float   1

Definition at line 456 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_EXT_framebuffer_sRGB   1

Definition at line 468 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_EXT_import_context   1

Definition at line 479 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_EXT_scene_marker   1

Definition at line 504 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap   1

Definition at line 513 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_EXT_visual_info   1

Definition at line 560 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_EXT_visual_rating   1

Definition at line 586 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 823 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_EXTENSIONS   0x3

Definition at line 150 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_FBCONFIG_ID   0x8013

Definition at line 215 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_FBCONFIG_ID_SGIX   0x8013

Definition at line 867 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 669 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 360 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 470 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_FRONT_LEFT_ATI   0x9813

Definition at line 424 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_FRONT_LEFT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000001

Definition at line 179 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_FRONT_LEFT_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000001

Definition at line 964 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_FRONT_LEFT_EXT   0x20DE

Definition at line 532 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_FRONT_RIGHT_ATI   0x9814

Definition at line 425 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_FRONT_RIGHT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000002

Definition at line 183 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_FRONT_RIGHT_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000002

Definition at line 965 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_FRONT_RIGHT_EXT   0x20DF

Definition at line 533 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_GRAY_SCALE   0x8006

Definition at line 205 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_GRAY_SCALE_EXT   0x8006

Definition at line 574 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_GREEN_SIZE   9

Definition at line 94 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_H

Definition at line 70 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_HEIGHT   0x801E

Definition at line 224 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_HEIGHT_SGIX   0x801E

Definition at line 982 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 897 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_HYPERPIPE_ID_SGIX   0x8030

Definition at line 906 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 903 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 902 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 900 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_HYPERPIPE_STEREO_SGIX   0x00000003

Definition at line 901 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_LARGEST_PBUFFER   0x801C

Definition at line 222 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 980 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_LEVEL   3

Definition at line 88 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MAX_ALPHA_SGIS   0

Definition at line 819 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MAX_BLUE_SGIS   0

Definition at line 824 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MAX_GREEN_SGIS   0

Definition at line 817 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MAX_PBUFFER_HEIGHT   0x8017

Definition at line 219 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 975 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MAX_PBUFFER_PIXELS   0x8018

Definition at line 220 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 976 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MAX_PBUFFER_WIDTH   0x8016

Definition at line 218 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 974 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MAX_RED_SGIS   0

Definition at line 822 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MESA_agp_offset   1

Definition at line 599 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MESA_copy_sub_buffer   1

Definition at line 612 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MESA_pixmap_colormap   1

Definition at line 625 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MESA_release_buffers   1

Definition at line 638 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MESA_set_3dfx_mode   1

Definition at line 651 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MIN_ALPHA_SGIS   0

Definition at line 821 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MIN_BLUE_SGIS   0

Definition at line 818 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MIN_GREEN_SGIS   0

Definition at line 820 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MIN_RED_SGIS   0

Definition at line 816 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MIPMAP_LEVEL_ATI   0x980B

Definition at line 416 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_MIPMAP_TEXTURE_ATI   0x9804

Definition at line 409 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 525 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 848 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 847 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_NO_EXTENSION   3

Definition at line 105 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_NO_TEXTURE_ATI   0x9807

Definition at line 412 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 211 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 590 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_NONE   0x8000

Definition at line 199 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_NONE_EXT   0x8000

Definition at line 569 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_NUM_VIDEO_SLOTS_NV   0x20F0

Definition at line 680 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_NV_float_buffer   1

Definition at line 667 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_NV_present_video   1

Definition at line 678 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_NV_swap_group   1

Definition at line 695 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_NV_vertex_array_range   1

Definition at line 718 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_NV_video_output   1

Definition at line 733 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_OML_swap_method   1

Definition at line 767 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 978 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 977 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_PBUFFER   0x8023

Definition at line 229 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_PBUFFER_BIT   0x00000004

Definition at line 185 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_PBUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000004

Definition at line 966 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_PBUFFER_CLOBBER_MASK   0x08000000

Definition at line 232 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_PBUFFER_HEIGHT   0x8040

Definition at line 230 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_PBUFFER_SGIX   0x8023

Definition at line 987 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_PBUFFER_WIDTH   0x8041

Definition at line 231 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_PIPE_RECT_LIMITS_SGIX   0x00000002

Definition at line 899 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_PIPE_RECT_SGIX   0x00000001

Definition at line 898 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_PIXMAP_BIT   0x00000002

Definition at line 182 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_PIXMAP_BIT_SGIX   0x00000002

Definition at line 861 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 221 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 979 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_PSEUDO_COLOR   0x8004

Definition at line 203 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_PSEUDO_COLOR_EXT   0x8004

Definition at line 572 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_RED_SIZE   8

Definition at line 93 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_RENDER_TYPE   0x8011

Definition at line 213 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_RENDER_TYPE_SGIX   0x8011

Definition at line 865 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_RGBA   4

Definition at line 89 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_RGBA_BIT   0x00000001

Definition at line 178 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_RGBA_BIT_SGIX   0x00000001

Definition at line 860 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_RGBA_FLOAT_ATI_BIT   0x00000100

Definition at line 394 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_RGBA_FLOAT_BIT   0x00000004

Definition at line 348 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_RGBA_FLOAT_TYPE   0x20B9

Definition at line 349 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_RGBA_TYPE   0x8014

Definition at line 216 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_RGBA_TYPE_SGIX   0x8014

Definition at line 868 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_RGBA_UNSIGNED_FLOAT_BIT_EXT   0x00000008

Definition at line 458 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 459 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS   100000

Definition at line 303 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_3DFX   0x8050

Definition at line 317 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_ARB   100000

Definition at line 382 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_BIT_SGIX   0x00000100

Definition at line 973 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_SGIS   100000

Definition at line 835 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SAMPLES   100001

Definition at line 304 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SAMPLES_3DFX   0x8051

Definition at line 318 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SAMPLES_ARB   100001

Definition at line 383 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SAMPLES_SGIS   100001

Definition at line 836 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SAVED   0x8021

Definition at line 227 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SAVED_SGIX   0x8021

Definition at line 985 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SCREEN   0x800C

Definition at line 210 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SCREEN_EXT   0x800C

Definition at line 863 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SCREEN_EXT   0x800C

Definition at line 863 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGI_cushion   1

Definition at line 1075 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGI_make_current_read   1

Definition at line 1088 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGI_swap_control   1

Definition at line 1103 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGI_video_sync   1

Definition at line 1116 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGIS_blended_overlay   1

Definition at line 803 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGIS_color_range   1

Definition at line 814 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGIS_multisample   1

Definition at line 833 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGIS_shared_multisample   1

Definition at line 845 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGIX_fbconfig   1

Definition at line 857 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGIX_hyperpipe   1

Definition at line 895 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGIX_pbuffer   1

Definition at line 962 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGIX_swap_barrier   1

Definition at line 1012 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGIX_swap_group   1

Definition at line 1027 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGIX_video_resize   1

Definition at line 1040 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SGIX_visual_select_group   1

Definition at line 1064 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SHARE_CONTEXT_EXT   0x800A

Definition at line 481 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SLOW_CONFIG   0x8001

Definition at line 200 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SLOW_VISUAL_EXT   0x8001

Definition at line 589 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_STATIC_COLOR   0x8005

Definition at line 204 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_STATIC_COLOR_EXT   0x8005

Definition at line 573 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_STATIC_GRAY   0x8007

Definition at line 206 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_STATIC_GRAY_EXT   0x8007

Definition at line 575 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000040

Definition at line 197 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT_SGIX   0x00000040

Definition at line 971 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_STENCIL_SIZE   13

Definition at line 98 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_STEREO   6

Definition at line 91 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SUN_get_transparent_index   1

Definition at line 1131 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SUN_video_resize   1

Definition at line 1144 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SWAP_COPY_OML   0x8062

Definition at line 771 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SWAP_EXCHANGE_OML   0x8061

Definition at line 770 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SWAP_METHOD_OML   0x8060

Definition at line 769 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SWAP_UNDEFINED_OML   0x8063

Definition at line 772 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SYNC_FRAME_SGIX   0x00000000

Definition at line 1042 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_SYNC_SWAP_SGIX   0x00000001

Definition at line 1043 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_1D_ATI   0x9809

Definition at line 414 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_1D_BIT_EXT   0x00000001

Definition at line 515 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_1D_EXT   0x20DB

Definition at line 529 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_2D_ATI   0x980A

Definition at line 415 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_2D_BIT_EXT   0x00000002

Definition at line 516 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_2D_EXT   0x20DC

Definition at line 530 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_ATI   0x9808

Definition at line 413 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 419 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 421 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 423 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 418 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 420 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 422 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_FORMAT_ATI   0x9802

Definition at line 407 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 523 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 526 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 527 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 528 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_BIT_EXT   0x00000004

Definition at line 517 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 531 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_RGB_ATI   0x9805

Definition at line 410 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_RGBA_ATI   0x9806

Definition at line 411 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_TARGET_ATI   0x9803

Definition at line 408 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 524 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 196 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 568 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 195 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 567 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 194 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 566 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TRANSPARENT_INDEX   0x8009

Definition at line 208 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 577 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 192 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 564 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 193 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 565 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TRANSPARENT_RGB   0x8008

Definition at line 207 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TRANSPARENT_RGB_EXT   0x8008

Definition at line 576 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 191 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 563 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TRUE_COLOR   0x8002

Definition at line 201 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_TRUE_COLOR_EXT   0x8002

Definition at line 570 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_USE_GL   1

Definition at line 86 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VENDOR   0x1

Definition at line 148 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VERSION   0x2

Definition at line 149 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VERSION_1_0   1

Definition at line 84 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VERSION_1_1

Definition at line 146 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VERSION_1_2   1

Definition at line 163 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VERSION_1_3   1

Definition at line 176 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VERSION_1_4   1

Definition at line 301 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VIDEO_OUT_ALPHA_NV   0x20C4

Definition at line 736 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 738 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 739 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VIDEO_OUT_COLOR_NV   0x20C3

Definition at line 735 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VIDEO_OUT_DEPTH_NV   0x20C5

Definition at line 737 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VIDEO_OUT_FIELD_1_NV   0x20C9

Definition at line 741 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VIDEO_OUT_FIELD_2_NV   0x20CA

Definition at line 742 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VIDEO_OUT_FRAME_NV   0x20C8

Definition at line 740 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 743 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 744 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VIDEO_RESIZE_SUN   0x8171

Definition at line 1146 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VISUAL_CAVEAT_EXT   0x20

Definition at line 588 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VISUAL_ID   0x800B

Definition at line 209 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_VISUAL_ID_EXT   0x800B

Definition at line 482 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 1066 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_WIDTH   0x801D

Definition at line 223 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_WIDTH_SGIX   0x801D

Definition at line 981 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_WINDOW   0x8022

Definition at line 228 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_WINDOW_BIT   0x00000001

Definition at line 180 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_WINDOW_BIT_SGIX   0x00000001

Definition at line 859 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_WINDOW_SGIX   0x8022

Definition at line 986 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_X_RENDERABLE   0x8012

Definition at line 214 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_X_RENDERABLE_SGIX   0x8012

Definition at line 866 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_X_VISUAL_TYPE   0x22

Definition at line 190 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_X_VISUAL_TYPE_EXT   0x22

Definition at line 562 of file glxew.h.

#define GLX_Y_INVERTED_EXT   0x20D4

Definition at line 522 of file glxew.h.

#define glXAllocateMemoryNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXAllocateMemoryNV)

Definition at line 723 of file glxew.h.

#define glXBindChannelToWindowSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindChannelToWindowSGIX)

Definition at line 1051 of file glxew.h.

#define glXBindHyperpipeSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindHyperpipeSGIX)

Definition at line 946 of file glxew.h.

#define glXBindSwapBarrierNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindSwapBarrierNV)

Definition at line 704 of file glxew.h.

#define glXBindSwapBarrierSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindSwapBarrierSGIX)

Definition at line 1017 of file glxew.h.

#define glXBindTexImageATI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindTexImageATI)

Definition at line 445 of file glxew.h.

#define glXBindTexImageEXT   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindTexImageEXT)

Definition at line 550 of file glxew.h.

#define glXBindVideoDeviceNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindVideoDeviceNV)

Definition at line 685 of file glxew.h.

#define glXBindVideoImageNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXBindVideoImageNV)

Definition at line 753 of file glxew.h.

#define glXChannelRectSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXChannelRectSGIX)

Definition at line 1052 of file glxew.h.

#define glXChannelRectSyncSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXChannelRectSyncSGIX)

Definition at line 1053 of file glxew.h.

#define glXChooseFBConfig   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXChooseFBConfig)

Definition at line 276 of file glxew.h.

#define glXChooseFBConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXChooseFBConfigSGIX)

Definition at line 881 of file glxew.h.

#define glXCopySubBufferMESA   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCopySubBufferMESA)

Definition at line 616 of file glxew.h.

#define glXCreateContextAttribsARB   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateContextAttribsARB)

Definition at line 337 of file glxew.h.

#define glXCreateContextWithConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateContextWithConfigSGIX)

Definition at line 882 of file glxew.h.

#define glXCreateGLXPbufferSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateGLXPbufferSGIX)

Definition at line 999 of file glxew.h.

#define glXCreateGLXPixmapMESA   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateGLXPixmapMESA)

Definition at line 629 of file glxew.h.

#define glXCreateGLXPixmapWithConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateGLXPixmapWithConfigSGIX)

Definition at line 883 of file glxew.h.

#define glXCreateNewContext   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateNewContext)

Definition at line 277 of file glxew.h.

#define glXCreatePbuffer   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreatePbuffer)

Definition at line 278 of file glxew.h.

#define glXCreatePixmap   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreatePixmap)

Definition at line 279 of file glxew.h.

#define glXCreateWindow   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCreateWindow)

Definition at line 280 of file glxew.h.

#define glXCushionSGI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXCushionSGI)

Definition at line 1079 of file glxew.h.

#define glXDestroyGLXPbufferSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXDestroyGLXPbufferSGIX)

Definition at line 1000 of file glxew.h.

#define glXDestroyHyperpipeConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXDestroyHyperpipeConfigSGIX)

Definition at line 947 of file glxew.h.

#define glXDestroyPbuffer   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXDestroyPbuffer)

Definition at line 281 of file glxew.h.

#define glXDestroyPixmap   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXDestroyPixmap)

Definition at line 282 of file glxew.h.

#define glXDestroyWindow   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXDestroyWindow)

Definition at line 283 of file glxew.h.

#define glXDrawableAttribATI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXDrawableAttribATI)

Definition at line 446 of file glxew.h.

#define glXEnumerateVideoDevicesNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXEnumerateVideoDevicesNV)

Definition at line 686 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_3DFX_multisample   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_3DFX_multisample)

Definition at line 320 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_ARB_create_context   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ARB_create_context)

Definition at line 339 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_ARB_fbconfig_float   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ARB_fbconfig_float)

Definition at line 351 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_ARB_framebuffer_sRGB   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ARB_framebuffer_sRGB)

Definition at line 362 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_ARB_get_proc_address   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ARB_get_proc_address)

Definition at line 373 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_ARB_multisample   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ARB_multisample)

Definition at line 385 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_ATI_pixel_format_float   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ATI_pixel_format_float)

Definition at line 396 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_ATI_render_texture   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_ATI_render_texture)

Definition at line 449 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_EXPORT   extern

Definition at line 1164 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_EXT_fbconfig_packed_float   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_fbconfig_packed_float)

Definition at line 461 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_EXT_framebuffer_sRGB   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_framebuffer_sRGB)

Definition at line 472 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_EXT_import_context   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_import_context)

Definition at line 497 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_EXT_scene_marker   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_scene_marker)

Definition at line 506 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_EXT_texture_from_pixmap   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_texture_from_pixmap)

Definition at line 553 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_EXT_visual_info   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_visual_info)

Definition at line 579 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_EXT_visual_rating   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_EXT_visual_rating)

Definition at line 592 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_GET_FUN (   x)    x

Definition at line 1363 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_GET_VAR (   x)    (*(const GLboolean*)&x)

Definition at line 1362 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_MESA_agp_offset   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_MESA_agp_offset)

Definition at line 605 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_MESA_copy_sub_buffer   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_MESA_copy_sub_buffer)

Definition at line 618 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_MESA_pixmap_colormap   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_MESA_pixmap_colormap)

Definition at line 631 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_MESA_release_buffers   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_MESA_release_buffers)

Definition at line 644 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_MESA_set_3dfx_mode   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_MESA_set_3dfx_mode)

Definition at line 660 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_NV_float_buffer   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_NV_float_buffer)

Definition at line 671 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_NV_present_video   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_NV_present_video)

Definition at line 688 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_NV_swap_group   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_NV_swap_group)

Definition at line 711 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_NV_vertex_array_range   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_NV_vertex_array_range)

Definition at line 726 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_NV_video_output   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_NV_video_output)

Definition at line 760 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_OML_swap_method   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_OML_swap_method)

Definition at line 774 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGI_cushion   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGI_cushion)

Definition at line 1081 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGI_make_current_read   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGI_make_current_read)

Definition at line 1096 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGI_swap_control   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGI_swap_control)

Definition at line 1109 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGI_video_sync   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGI_video_sync)

Definition at line 1124 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGIS_blended_overlay   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIS_blended_overlay)

Definition at line 807 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGIS_color_range   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIS_color_range)

Definition at line 826 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGIS_multisample   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIS_multisample)

Definition at line 838 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGIS_shared_multisample   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIS_shared_multisample)

Definition at line 850 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGIX_fbconfig   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_fbconfig)

Definition at line 888 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGIX_hyperpipe   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_hyperpipe)

Definition at line 955 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGIX_pbuffer   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_pbuffer)

Definition at line 1005 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGIX_swap_barrier   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_swap_barrier)

Definition at line 1020 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGIX_swap_group   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_swap_group)

Definition at line 1033 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGIX_video_resize   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_video_resize)

Definition at line 1057 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SGIX_visual_select_group   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SGIX_visual_select_group)

Definition at line 1068 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SUN_get_transparent_index   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SUN_get_transparent_index)

Definition at line 1137 of file glxew.h.

#define GLXEW_SUN_video_resize   GLXEW_GET_VAR(__GLXEW_SUN_video_resize)

Definition at line 1155 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 139 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 156 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 169 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 294 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 308 of file glxew.h.

#define glXFreeContextEXT   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXFreeContextEXT)

Definition at line 492 of file glxew.h.

#define glXFreeMemoryNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXFreeMemoryNV)

Definition at line 724 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetAGPOffsetMESA   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetAGPOffsetMESA)

Definition at line 603 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetContextIDEXT   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetContextIDEXT)

Definition at line 493 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetCurrentDisplay   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetCurrentDisplay)

Definition at line 167 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetCurrentReadDrawable   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetCurrentReadDrawable)

Definition at line 284 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetCurrentReadDrawableSGI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetCurrentReadDrawableSGI)

Definition at line 1093 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetFBConfigAttrib   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetFBConfigAttrib)

Definition at line 285 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetFBConfigAttribSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetFBConfigAttribSGIX)

Definition at line 884 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetFBConfigFromVisualSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetFBConfigFromVisualSGIX)

Definition at line 885 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetFBConfigs   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetFBConfigs)

Definition at line 286 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetSelectedEvent   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetSelectedEvent)

Definition at line 287 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetSelectedEventSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetSelectedEventSGIX)

Definition at line 1001 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetTransparentIndexSUN   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetTransparentIndexSUN)

Definition at line 1135 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetVideoDeviceNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetVideoDeviceNV)

Definition at line 754 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetVideoInfoNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetVideoInfoNV)

Definition at line 755 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetVideoResizeSUN   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetVideoResizeSUN)

Definition at line 1152 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetVideoSyncSGI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetVideoSyncSGI)

Definition at line 1121 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetVisualFromFBConfig   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetVisualFromFBConfig)

Definition at line 288 of file glxew.h.

#define glXGetVisualFromFBConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXGetVisualFromFBConfigSGIX)

Definition at line 886 of file glxew.h.

#define glXHyperpipeAttribSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXHyperpipeAttribSGIX)

Definition at line 948 of file glxew.h.

#define glXHyperpipeConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXHyperpipeConfigSGIX)

Definition at line 949 of file glxew.h.

#define glXImportContextEXT   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXImportContextEXT)

Definition at line 494 of file glxew.h.

#define glXJoinSwapGroupNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXJoinSwapGroupNV)

Definition at line 705 of file glxew.h.

#define glXJoinSwapGroupSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXJoinSwapGroupSGIX)

Definition at line 1031 of file glxew.h.

#define glXMakeContextCurrent   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXMakeContextCurrent)

Definition at line 289 of file glxew.h.

#define glXMakeCurrentReadSGI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXMakeCurrentReadSGI)

Definition at line 1094 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQueryChannelDeltasSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryChannelDeltasSGIX)

Definition at line 1054 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQueryChannelRectSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryChannelRectSGIX)

Definition at line 1055 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQueryContext   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryContext)

Definition at line 290 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQueryContextInfoEXT   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryContextInfoEXT)

Definition at line 495 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQueryDrawable   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryDrawable)

Definition at line 291 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQueryFrameCountNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryFrameCountNV)

Definition at line 706 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQueryGLXPbufferSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryGLXPbufferSGIX)

Definition at line 1002 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQueryHyperpipeAttribSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryHyperpipeAttribSGIX)

Definition at line 950 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQueryHyperpipeBestAttribSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryHyperpipeBestAttribSGIX)

Definition at line 951 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQueryHyperpipeConfigSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryHyperpipeConfigSGIX)

Definition at line 952 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQueryHyperpipeNetworkSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryHyperpipeNetworkSGIX)

Definition at line 953 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQueryMaxSwapBarriersSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryMaxSwapBarriersSGIX)

Definition at line 1018 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQueryMaxSwapGroupsNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQueryMaxSwapGroupsNV)

Definition at line 707 of file glxew.h.

#define glXQuerySwapGroupNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXQuerySwapGroupNV)

Definition at line 708 of file glxew.h.

#define glXReleaseBuffersMESA   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXReleaseBuffersMESA)

Definition at line 642 of file glxew.h.

#define glXReleaseTexImageATI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXReleaseTexImageATI)

Definition at line 447 of file glxew.h.

#define glXReleaseTexImageEXT   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXReleaseTexImageEXT)

Definition at line 551 of file glxew.h.

#define glXReleaseVideoDeviceNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXReleaseVideoDeviceNV)

Definition at line 756 of file glxew.h.

#define glXReleaseVideoImageNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXReleaseVideoImageNV)

Definition at line 757 of file glxew.h.

#define glXResetFrameCountNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXResetFrameCountNV)

Definition at line 709 of file glxew.h.

#define glXSelectEvent   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXSelectEvent)

Definition at line 292 of file glxew.h.

#define glXSelectEventSGIX   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXSelectEventSGIX)

Definition at line 1003 of file glxew.h.

#define glXSendPbufferToVideoNV   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXSendPbufferToVideoNV)

Definition at line 758 of file glxew.h.

#define glXSet3DfxModeMESA   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXSet3DfxModeMESA)

Definition at line 658 of file glxew.h.

#define glXSwapIntervalSGI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXSwapIntervalSGI)

Definition at line 1107 of file glxew.h.

#define glXVideoResizeSUN   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXVideoResizeSUN)

Definition at line 1153 of file glxew.h.

#define glXWaitVideoSyncSGI   GLXEW_GET_FUN(__glewXWaitVideoSyncSGI)

Definition at line 1122 of file glxew.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct __GLXcontextRec* GLXContext

Definition at line 116 of file glxew.h.

typedef XID GLXContextID

Definition at line 485 of file glxew.h.

typedef XID GLXDrawable

Definition at line 111 of file glxew.h.

typedef union __GLXEvent GLXEvent
typedef struct __GLXFBConfigRec* GLXFBConfig

Definition at line 238 of file glxew.h.

typedef XID GLXFBConfigID

Definition at line 235 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 871 of file glxew.h.

typedef struct __GLXFBConfigRec* GLXFBConfigSGIX

Definition at line 872 of file glxew.h.

typedef XID GLXPbuffer

Definition at line 237 of file glxew.h.

typedef XID GLXPbufferSGIX

Definition at line 990 of file glxew.h.

typedef XID GLXPixmap

Definition at line 112 of file glxew.h.

typedef unsigned int GLXVideoDeviceNV

Definition at line 119 of file glxew.h.

typedef XID GLXWindow

Definition at line 236 of file glxew.h.

typedef void*( * PFNGLXALLOCATEMEMORYNVPROC)(GLsizei size, GLfloat readFrequency, GLfloat writeFrequency, GLfloat priority)

Definition at line 720 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXBINDCHANNELTOWINDOWSGIXPROC)(Display *display, int screen, int channel, Window window)

Definition at line 1045 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXBINDHYPERPIPESGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, int hpId)

Definition at line 937 of file glxew.h.

typedef Bool( * PFNGLXBINDSWAPBARRIERNVPROC)(Display *dpy, GLuint group, GLuint barrier)

Definition at line 697 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXBINDSWAPBARRIERSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, int barrier)

Definition at line 1014 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXBINDTEXIMAGEATIPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf, int buffer)

Definition at line 441 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXBINDTEXIMAGEEXTPROC)(Display *display, GLXDrawable drawable, int buffer, const int *attrib_list)

Definition at line 547 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXBINDVIDEODEVICENVPROC)(Display *dpy, unsigned int video_slot, unsigned int video_device, const int *attrib_list)

Definition at line 682 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXBINDVIDEOIMAGENVPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXVideoDeviceNV VideoDevice, GLXPbuffer pbuf, int iVideoBuffer)

Definition at line 746 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXCHANNELRECTSGIXPROC)(Display *display, int screen, int channel, int x, int y, int w, int h)

Definition at line 1046 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXCHANNELRECTSYNCSGIXPROC)(Display *display, int screen, int channel, GLenum synctype)

Definition at line 1047 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXFBConfig*( * PFNGLXCHOOSEFBCONFIGPROC)(Display *dpy, int screen, const int *attrib_list, int *nelements)

Definition at line 258 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXFBConfigSGIX*( * PFNGLXCHOOSEFBCONFIGSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, int screen, const int *attrib_list, int *nelements)

Definition at line 874 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXCOPYSUBBUFFERMESAPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, int x, int y, int width, int height)

Definition at line 614 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXContext( * PFNGLXCREATECONTEXTATTRIBSARBPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, GLXContext share_context, Bool direct, const int *attrib_list)

Definition at line 335 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXContext( * PFNGLXCREATECONTEXTWITHCONFIGSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, int render_type, GLXContext share_list, Bool direct)

Definition at line 875 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXPbuffer( * PFNGLXCREATEGLXPBUFFERSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, unsigned int width, unsigned int height, int *attrib_list)

Definition at line 993 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXPixmap( * PFNGLXCREATEGLXPIXMAPMESAPROC)(Display *dpy, XVisualInfo *visual, Pixmap pixmap, Colormap cmap)

Definition at line 627 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXPixmap( * PFNGLXCREATEGLXPIXMAPWITHCONFIGSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, Pixmap pixmap)

Definition at line 876 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXContext( * PFNGLXCREATENEWCONTEXTPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, int render_type, GLXContext share_list, Bool direct)

Definition at line 259 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXPbuffer( * PFNGLXCREATEPBUFFERPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, const int *attrib_list)

Definition at line 260 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXPixmap( * PFNGLXCREATEPIXMAPPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, Pixmap pixmap, const int *attrib_list)

Definition at line 261 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXWindow( * PFNGLXCREATEWINDOWPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, Window win, const int *attrib_list)

Definition at line 262 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXCUSHIONSGIPROC)(Display *dpy, Window window, float cushion)

Definition at line 1077 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXDESTROYGLXPBUFFERSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf)

Definition at line 994 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXDESTROYHYPERPIPECONFIGSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, int hpId)

Definition at line 938 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXDESTROYPBUFFERPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf)

Definition at line 263 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXDESTROYPIXMAPPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXPixmap pixmap)

Definition at line 264 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXDESTROYWINDOWPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXWindow win)

Definition at line 265 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXDRAWABLEATTRIBATIPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, const int *attrib_list)

Definition at line 442 of file glxew.h.

typedef unsigned int*( * PFNGLXENUMERATEVIDEODEVICESNVPROC)(Display *dpy, int screen, int *nelements)

Definition at line 683 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXFREECONTEXTEXTPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXContext context)

Definition at line 487 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXFREEMEMORYNVPROC)(void *pointer)

Definition at line 721 of file glxew.h.

typedef unsigned int( * PFNGLXGETAGPOFFSETMESAPROC)(const void *pointer)

Definition at line 601 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXContextID( * PFNGLXGETCONTEXTIDEXTPROC)(const GLXContext context)

Definition at line 488 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 165 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 266 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 1090 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGATTRIBPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, int attribute, int *value)

Definition at line 267 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGATTRIBSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfigSGIX config, int attribute, int *value)

Definition at line 877 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 878 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXFBConfig*( * PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGSPROC)(Display *dpy, int screen, int *nelements)

Definition at line 268 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXGETSELECTEDEVENTPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, unsigned long *event_mask)

Definition at line 269 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXGETSELECTEDEVENTSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, unsigned long *mask)

Definition at line 995 of file glxew.h.

typedef Status( * PFNGLXGETTRANSPARENTINDEXSUNPROC)(Display *dpy, Window overlay, Window underlay, unsigned long *pTransparentIndex)

Definition at line 1133 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXGETVIDEODEVICENVPROC)(Display *dpy, int screen, int numVideoDevices, GLXVideoDeviceNV *pVideoDevice)

Definition at line 747 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXGETVIDEOINFONVPROC)(Display *dpy, int screen, GLXVideoDeviceNV VideoDevice, unsigned long *pulCounterOutputPbuffer, unsigned long *pulCounterOutputVideo)

Definition at line 748 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXGETVIDEORESIZESUNPROC)(Display *display, GLXDrawable window, float *factor)

Definition at line 1149 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXGETVIDEOSYNCSGIPROC)(uint *count)

Definition at line 1118 of file glxew.h.

typedef XVisualInfo*( * PFNGLXGETVISUALFROMFBCONFIGPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config)

Definition at line 270 of file glxew.h.

typedef XVisualInfo*( * PFNGLXGETVISUALFROMFBCONFIGSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config)

Definition at line 879 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXHYPERPIPEATTRIBSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, int timeSlice, int attrib, int size, void *attribList)

Definition at line 939 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXHYPERPIPECONFIGSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, int networkId, int npipes, GLXHyperpipeConfigSGIX *cfg, int *hpId)

Definition at line 940 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXContext( * PFNGLXIMPORTCONTEXTEXTPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXContextID contextID)

Definition at line 489 of file glxew.h.

typedef Bool( * PFNGLXJOINSWAPGROUPNVPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, GLuint group)

Definition at line 698 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXJOINSWAPGROUPSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, GLXDrawable member)

Definition at line 1029 of file glxew.h.

typedef Bool( * PFNGLXMAKECONTEXTCURRENTPROC)(Display *display, GLXDrawable draw, GLXDrawable read, GLXContext ctx)

Definition at line 271 of file glxew.h.

typedef Bool( * PFNGLXMAKECURRENTREADSGIPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, GLXDrawable read, GLXContext ctx)

Definition at line 1091 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXQUERYCHANNELDELTASSGIXPROC)(Display *display, int screen, int channel, int *x, int *y, int *w, int *h)

Definition at line 1048 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXQUERYCHANNELRECTSGIXPROC)(Display *display, int screen, int channel, int *dx, int *dy, int *dw, int *dh)

Definition at line 1049 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXQUERYCONTEXTINFOEXTPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXContext context, int attribute, int *value)

Definition at line 490 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXQUERYCONTEXTPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXContext ctx, int attribute, int *value)

Definition at line 272 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXQUERYDRAWABLEPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, int attribute, unsigned int *value)

Definition at line 273 of file glxew.h.

typedef Bool( * PFNGLXQUERYFRAMECOUNTNVPROC)(Display *dpy, int screen, GLuint *count)

Definition at line 699 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXQUERYGLXPBUFFERSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf, int attribute, unsigned int *value)

Definition at line 996 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXQUERYHYPERPIPEATTRIBSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, int timeSlice, int attrib, int size, void *returnAttribList)

Definition at line 941 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXQUERYHYPERPIPEBESTATTRIBSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, int timeSlice, int attrib, int size, void *attribList, void *returnAttribList)

Definition at line 942 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXHyperpipeConfigSGIX*( * PFNGLXQUERYHYPERPIPECONFIGSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, int hpId, int *npipes)

Definition at line 943 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLXHyperpipeNetworkSGIX*( * PFNGLXQUERYHYPERPIPENETWORKSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, int *npipes)

Definition at line 944 of file glxew.h.

typedef Bool( * PFNGLXQUERYMAXSWAPBARRIERSSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, int screen, int *max)

Definition at line 1015 of file glxew.h.

typedef Bool( * PFNGLXQUERYMAXSWAPGROUPSNVPROC)(Display *dpy, int screen, GLuint *maxGroups, GLuint *maxBarriers)

Definition at line 700 of file glxew.h.

typedef Bool( * PFNGLXQUERYSWAPGROUPNVPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, GLuint *group, GLuint *barrier)

Definition at line 701 of file glxew.h.

typedef Bool( * PFNGLXRELEASEBUFFERSMESAPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable d)

Definition at line 640 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXRELEASETEXIMAGEATIPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf, int buffer)

Definition at line 443 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXRELEASETEXIMAGEEXTPROC)(Display *display, GLXDrawable drawable, int buffer)

Definition at line 548 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXRELEASEVIDEODEVICENVPROC)(Display *dpy, int screen, GLXVideoDeviceNV VideoDevice)

Definition at line 749 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXRELEASEVIDEOIMAGENVPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf)

Definition at line 750 of file glxew.h.

typedef Bool( * PFNGLXRESETFRAMECOUNTNVPROC)(Display *dpy, int screen)

Definition at line 702 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXSELECTEVENTPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, unsigned long event_mask)

Definition at line 274 of file glxew.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXSELECTEVENTSGIXPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, unsigned long mask)

Definition at line 997 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXSENDPBUFFERTOVIDEONVPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf, int iBufferType, unsigned long *pulCounterPbuffer, GLboolean bBlock)

Definition at line 751 of file glxew.h.

typedef GLboolean( * PFNGLXSET3DFXMODEMESAPROC)(GLint mode)

Definition at line 656 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXSWAPINTERVALSGIPROC)(int interval)

Definition at line 1105 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXVIDEORESIZESUNPROC)(Display *display, GLXDrawable window, float factor)

Definition at line 1150 of file glxew.h.

typedef int( * PFNGLXWAITVIDEOSYNCSGIPROC)(int divisor, int remainder, unsigned int *count)

Definition at line 1119 of file glxew.h.

Function Documentation

XVisualInfo* glXChooseVisual ( Display *  dpy,
int  screen,
int attribList 
void glXCopyContext ( Display *  dpy,
GLXContext  src,
GLXContext  dst,
GLulong  mask 
GLXContext glXCreateContext ( Display *  dpy,
XVisualInfo *  vis,
GLXContext  shareList,
Bool  direct 
GLXPixmap glXCreateGLXPixmap ( Display *  dpy,
XVisualInfo *  vis,
Pixmap  pixmap 
void glXDestroyContext ( Display *  dpy,
GLXContext  ctx 
void glXDestroyGLXPixmap ( Display *  dpy,
GLXPixmap  pix 
GLboolean glxewGetExtension ( const char *  name)
GLboolean glxewIsSupported ( const char *  name)
const char* glXGetClientString ( Display *  dpy,
int  name 
int glXGetConfig ( Display *  dpy,
XVisualInfo *  vis,
int  attrib,
int value 
GLXContext glXGetCurrentContext ( void  )
GLXDrawable glXGetCurrentDrawable ( void  )
Bool glXIsDirect ( Display *  dpy,
GLXContext  ctx 
Bool glXMakeCurrent ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  drawable,
GLXContext  ctx 
Bool glXQueryExtension ( Display *  dpy,
int errorBase,
int eventBase 
const char* glXQueryExtensionsString ( Display *  dpy,
int  screen 
const char* glXQueryServerString ( Display *  dpy,
int  screen,
int  name 
Bool glXQueryVersion ( Display *  dpy,
int major,
int minor 
void glXSwapBuffers ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  drawable 
void glXUseXFont ( Font  font,
int  first,
int  count,
int  listBase 
void glXWaitGL ( void  )
void glXWaitX ( void  )

Variable Documentation

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_3DFX_multisample

Definition at line 1297 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ARB_create_context

Definition at line 1298 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ARB_fbconfig_float

Definition at line 1299 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ARB_framebuffer_sRGB

Definition at line 1300 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ARB_get_proc_address

Definition at line 1301 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ARB_multisample

Definition at line 1302 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ATI_pixel_format_float

Definition at line 1303 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_ATI_render_texture

Definition at line 1304 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_fbconfig_packed_float

Definition at line 1305 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_framebuffer_sRGB

Definition at line 1306 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_import_context

Definition at line 1307 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_scene_marker

Definition at line 1308 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_texture_from_pixmap

Definition at line 1309 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_visual_info

Definition at line 1310 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_EXT_visual_rating

Definition at line 1311 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_MESA_agp_offset

Definition at line 1312 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_MESA_copy_sub_buffer

Definition at line 1313 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_MESA_pixmap_colormap

Definition at line 1314 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_MESA_release_buffers

Definition at line 1315 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_MESA_set_3dfx_mode

Definition at line 1316 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_NV_float_buffer

Definition at line 1317 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_NV_present_video

Definition at line 1318 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_NV_swap_group

Definition at line 1319 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_NV_vertex_array_range

Definition at line 1320 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_NV_video_output

Definition at line 1321 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_OML_swap_method

Definition at line 1322 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_OML_sync_control

Definition at line 1323 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGI_cushion

Definition at line 1335 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGI_make_current_read

Definition at line 1336 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGI_swap_control

Definition at line 1337 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGI_video_sync

Definition at line 1338 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIS_blended_overlay

Definition at line 1324 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIS_color_range

Definition at line 1325 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIS_multisample

Definition at line 1326 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIS_shared_multisample

Definition at line 1327 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIX_fbconfig

Definition at line 1328 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIX_hyperpipe

Definition at line 1329 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 1330 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIX_swap_barrier

Definition at line 1331 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIX_swap_group

Definition at line 1332 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIX_video_resize

Definition at line 1333 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SGIX_visual_select_group

Definition at line 1334 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SUN_get_transparent_index

Definition at line 1339 of file glxew.h.

GLXEW_EXPORT GLboolean __GLXEW_SUN_video_resize

Definition at line 1340 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 1292 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 1293 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 1294 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 1295 of file glxew.h.


Definition at line 1296 of file glxew.h.

void( * )(void) glXGetProcAddress(const GLubyte *procName)
void( * )(void) glXGetProcAddressARB(const GLubyte *procName)

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