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vision/include/mrpt/vision/types.h File Reference
#include <mrpt/utils/aligned_containers.h>
#include <mrpt/utils/CImage.h>
#include <mrpt/utils/CLoadableOptions.h>
#include <mrpt/utils/TMatchingPair.h>
#include <mrpt/vision/link_pragmas.h>
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struct  mrpt::vision::TFeatureObservation
 One feature observation entry, used within sequences with TSequenceFeatureObservations. More...
struct  mrpt::vision::TRelativeFeaturePos
 One relative feature observation entry, used with some relative bundle-adjustment functions. More...
struct  mrpt::vision::TSequenceFeatureObservations
 A complete sequence of observations of features from different camera frames (poses). More...
struct  mrpt::vision::TStereoSystemParams
 Parameters associated to a stereo system. More...
struct  mrpt::vision::TROI
 A structure for storing a 3D ROI. More...
struct  mrpt::vision::TImageROI
 A structure for defining a ROI within an image. More...
struct  mrpt::vision::TMatchingOptions
 A structure containing options for the matching. More...
struct  mrpt::vision::TMultiResMatchingOutput
 Struct containing the output after matching multi-resolution SIFT-like descriptors. More...
struct  mrpt::vision::TMultiResDescMatchOptions
 Struct containing the options when matching multi-resolution SIFT-like descriptors. More...
struct  mrpt::vision::TMultiResDescOptions
 Struct containing the options when computing the multi-resolution SIFT-like descriptors. More...


 This is the global namespace for all Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) libraries.
 Classes for computer vision, detectors, features, etc.


#define COPY_MEMBER(_m)   this->_m = o._m;
#define CHECK_MEMBER(_m)   this->_m == o._m


typedef uint64_t mrpt::vision::TFeatureID
 Definition of a feature ID. More...
typedef uint64_t mrpt::vision::TLandmarkID
 Unique IDs for landmarks. More...
typedef uint64_t mrpt::vision::TCameraPoseID
 Unique IDs for camera frames (poses) More...
< TCameraPoseID,
mrpt::poses::CPose3D >::map_t 
 A list of camera frames (6D poses) indexed by unique IDs. More...
< mrpt::poses::CPose3D >
 A list of camera frames (6D poses), which assumes indexes are unique, consecutive IDs. More...
typedef std::map< TLandmarkID,
 A list of landmarks (3D points) indexed by unique IDs. More...
typedef std::vector
< mrpt::math::TPoint3D
 A list of landmarks (3D points), which assumes indexes are unique, consecutive IDs. More...
typedef std::map
< mrpt::vision::TFeatureID,
TRelativeFeaturePos > 
 An index of feature IDs and their relative locations. More...


enum  mrpt::vision::TFeatureType {
  mrpt::vision::featNotDefined = -1, mrpt::vision::featKLT = 0, mrpt::vision::featHarris, mrpt::vision::featBCD,
  mrpt::vision::featSIFT, mrpt::vision::featSURF, mrpt::vision::featBeacon, mrpt::vision::featFAST,
  mrpt::vision::featFASTER9, mrpt::vision::featFASTER10, mrpt::vision::featFASTER12, mrpt::vision::featORB
 Types of features - This means that the point has been detected with this algorithm, which is independent of additional descriptors a feature may also have. More...
enum  mrpt::vision::TDescriptorType {
  mrpt::vision::descAny = 0, mrpt::vision::descSIFT = 1, mrpt::vision::descSURF = 2, mrpt::vision::descSpinImages = 4,
  mrpt::vision::descPolarImages = 8, mrpt::vision::descLogPolarImages = 16, mrpt::vision::descORB = 32
 The bitwise OR combination of values of TDescriptorType are used in CFeatureExtraction::computeDescriptors to indicate which descriptors are to be computed for features. More...
enum  mrpt::vision::TFeatureTrackStatus { mrpt::vision::status_IDLE = 0, mrpt::vision::status_TRACKED = 5, mrpt::vision::status_OOB = 1, mrpt::vision::status_LOST = 10 }

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#define CHECK_MEMBER (   _m)    this->_m == o._m
#define COPY_MEMBER (   _m)    this->_m = o._m;

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