MRPT  1.9.9
CCameraSensor.h File Reference
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class  mrpt::hwdrivers::CCameraSensor
 The central class for camera grabbers in MRPT, implementing the "generic sensor" interface. More...


 Contains classes for various device interfaces.


CCameraSensor::Ptr mrpt::hwdrivers::prepareVideoSourceFromPanel (void *panel)
 Used only from MRPT apps: Use with caution since "panel" MUST be a "mrpt::gui::CPanelCameraSelection *". More...
void mrpt::hwdrivers::writeConfigFromVideoSourcePanel (void *panel, const std::string &in_cfgfile_section_name, mrpt::config::CConfigFileBase *out_cfgfile)
 Parse the user options in the wxWidgets "panel" and write the configuration into the given section of the given configuration file. More...
void mrpt::hwdrivers::readConfigIntoVideoSourcePanel (void *panel, const std::string &in_cfgfile_section_name, const mrpt::config::CConfigFileBase *in_cfgfile)
 Parse the given section of the given configuration file and set accordingly the controls of the wxWidgets "panel". More...
CCameraSensor::Ptr mrpt::hwdrivers::prepareVideoSourceFromUserSelection ()
 Show to the user a list of possible camera drivers and creates and open the selected camera. More...

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