MRPT  1.9.9
CHeightGridMap2D.h File Reference
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struct  mrpt::maps::THeightGridmapCell
 The contents of each cell in a CHeightGridMap2D map. More...
class  mrpt::maps::CHeightGridMap2D
 Digital Elevation Model (DEM), a mesh or grid representation of a surface which keeps the estimated height for each (x,y) location. More...
struct  mrpt::maps::CHeightGridMap2D::TInsertionOptions
 Parameters related with inserting observations into the map. More...
struct  mrpt::maps::CHeightGridMap2D::TMapDefinitionBase
struct  mrpt::maps::CHeightGridMap2D::TMapDefinition


 This is the global namespace for all Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) libraries.
 Global variables to change the run-time behaviour of some MRPT classes within mrpt-base.


void mrpt::global_settings::HEIGHTGRIDMAP_EXPORT3D_AS_MESH (bool value)
 If set to true (default), mrpt::maps::CHeightGridMap2D will be exported as a opengl::CMesh, otherwise, as a opengl::CPointCloudColoured Affects to: More...
bool mrpt::global_settings::HEIGHTGRIDMAP_EXPORT3D_AS_MESH ()
 MRPT_FILL_ENUM_MEMBER (maps::CHeightGridMap2D::TMapRepresentation, mrSimpleAverage)

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MRPT_FILL_ENUM_MEMBER ( maps::CHeightGridMap2D::TMapRepresentation  ,

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