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HMT_SLAM_common.h File Reference
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class  mrpt::hmtslam::THypothesisIDSet
 A set of hypothesis IDs, used for arcs and nodes in multi-hypothesis hybrid maps. More...
class  mrpt::hmtslam::TArcList
 A class for storing a sequence of arcs (a path). More...


 Classes related to the implementation of Hybrid Metric Topological (HMT) SLAM.


#define COMMON_TOPOLOG_HYP   static_cast<THypothesisID>(0)
#define NODE_ANNOTATION_METRIC_MAPS   "metricMaps"
#define NODE_ANNOTATION_POSES_GRAPH   "posesGraph"
#define NODE_ANNOTATION_PLACE_POSE   "placePose"
#define ARC_ANNOTATION_DELTA   "Delta"
#define ARC_ANNOTATION_DELTA_SRC_POSEID   "Delta_poseID_src"
#define ARC_ANNOTATION_DELTA_TRG_POSEID   "Delta_poseID_trg"
#define ARC_TYPES   "Membership,Navegability,RelativePose,Location"
 Used in constructor of mrpt::hmtslam::CHMHMapArc. More...
#define DEFAULT_ARC_TYPE   "Membership"
#define NODE_TYPES   "Place,Area,TopologicalMap,Object"
 Used in constructor of mrpt::hmtslam::CHMHMapNode. More...
#define DEFAULT_NODE_TYPE   "Place"
#define POSEID_INVALID   static_cast<TPoseID>(-1)
#define AREAID_INVALID   static_cast<uint64_t>(-1)
#define MSG_SOURCE_LSLAM   1
#define MSG_SOURCE_AA   2


using mrpt::hmtslam::THypothesisID = int64_t
 An integer number uniquely identifying each of the concurrent hypotheses for the robot topological path (& possibly local metric clusters) in HMT-SLAM. More...
using mrpt::hmtslam::TPoseID = uint64_t
 An integer number uniquely identifying each robot pose stored in HMT-SLAM. More...
using mrpt::hmtslam::TPairPoseIDs = std::pair< TPoseID, TPoseID >
using mrpt::hmtslam::TPoseIDList = std::vector< TPoseID >
using mrpt::hmtslam::TPoseIDSet = std::set< TPoseID >

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#define ARC_TYPES   "Membership,Navegability,RelativePose,Location"

Used in constructor of mrpt::hmtslam::CHMHMapArc.

Definition at line 33 of file HMT_SLAM_common.h.



#define COMMON_TOPOLOG_HYP   static_cast<THypothesisID>(0)


#define DEFAULT_ARC_TYPE   "Membership"

Definition at line 34 of file HMT_SLAM_common.h.


#define DEFAULT_NODE_TYPE   "Place"

Definition at line 38 of file HMT_SLAM_common.h.


#define MSG_SOURCE_AA   2

Definition at line 46 of file HMT_SLAM_common.h.


#define MSG_SOURCE_LSLAM   1

Definition at line 45 of file HMT_SLAM_common.h.



#define NODE_ANNOTATION_PLACE_POSE   "placePose"




#define NODE_TYPES   "Place,Area,TopologicalMap,Object"

Used in constructor of mrpt::hmtslam::CHMHMapNode.

Definition at line 37 of file HMT_SLAM_common.h.


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