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template<bool POSES_INVERSE>
void reprojectionResidualsElement (const TCamera &camera_params, const TFeatureObservation &OBS, std::array< double, 2 > &out_residual, const TFramePosesVec::value_type &frame, const TLandmarkLocationsVec::value_type &point, double &sum, const bool use_robust_kernel, const double kernel_param, double *out_kernel_1st_deriv)

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template<bool POSES_INVERSE>
void reprojectionResidualsElement ( const TCamera camera_params,
const TFeatureObservation OBS,
std::array< double, 2 > &  out_residual,
const TFramePosesVec::value_type &  frame,
const TLandmarkLocationsVec::value_type &  point,
double &  sum,
const bool  use_robust_kernel,
const double  kernel_param,
double *  out_kernel_1st_deriv 

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