MRPT  1.9.9
chessboard_stereo_camera_calib.h File Reference
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struct  mrpt::vision::TImageStereoCalibData
 Data associated to each stereo image in the calibration process mrpt::vision::checkerBoardCameraCalibration (All the information can be left empty and will be filled up in the calibration method). More...
struct  mrpt::vision::TImageStereoCallbackData
 Params of the optional callback provided by the user. More...
struct  mrpt::vision::TStereoCalibParams
 Input parameters for mrpt::vision::checkerBoardStereoCalibration. More...
struct  mrpt::vision::TStereoCalibResults
 Output results for mrpt::vision::checkerBoardStereoCalibration. More...


 Classes for computer vision, detectors, features, etc.


using mrpt::vision::TSteroCalibCallbackFunctor = void(*)(const TImageStereoCallbackData &d, void *user_data)
 Prototype of optional user callback function. More...
using mrpt::vision::TCalibrationStereoImageList = std::vector< TImageStereoCalibData >
 A list of images, used in checkerBoardStereoCalibration. More...


bool mrpt::vision::checkerBoardStereoCalibration (TCalibrationStereoImageList &images, const TStereoCalibParams &params, TStereoCalibResults &out_results)
 Optimize the calibration parameters of a stereo camera or a RGB+D (Kinect) camera. More...

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