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Math C++ library: vectors and matrices, probability distributions, statistics, geometry, etc.

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Library mrpt-math

[New in MRPT 2.0.0]

This library is part of MRPT and can be installed in Debian-based systems with:

    sudo apt install libmrpt-math-dev

Main classes and concepts associated with this library:

Lightweight geometry entities: Write me!

Comparison: lightweight vs. {CPose*, CPoint*}: (Move to a new doc page?)

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class  mrpt::math::CAtan2LookUpTable
 A look-up-table (LUT) of atan values for any (x,y) value in a square/rectangular grid of predefined resolution. More...
class  mrpt::math::CAtan2LookUpTableMultiRes
 Like CAtan2LookUpTable but with a multiresolution grid for increasingly better accuracy in points nearer to the origin. More...
class  mrpt::math::CBinaryRelation< T, U, UIsObject >
 This class models a binary relation through the elements of any given set. More...
class  mrpt::math::CHistogram
 This class provides an easy way of computing histograms for unidimensional real valued variables. More...
class  mrpt::math::CLevenbergMarquardtTempl< VECTORTYPE, USERPARAM >
 An implementation of the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for least-square minimization. More...
class  mrpt::math::CMatrix
 This class is a "CSerializable" wrapper for "CMatrixFloat". More...
class  mrpt::math::CMatrixB
 This class is a "CSerializable" wrapper for "CMatrixBool". More...
class  mrpt::math::CMatrixD
 This class is a "CSerializable" wrapper for "CMatrixTemplateNumeric<double>". More...
class  mrpt::math::CMatrixFixedNumeric< T, NROWS, NCOLS >
 A numeric matrix of compile-time fixed size. More...
class  mrpt::math::CMatrixTemplate< T >
 This template class provides the basic functionality for a general 2D any-size, resizable container of numerical or non-numerical elements. More...
class  mrpt::math::CMatrixTemplateNumeric< T >
 A matrix of dynamic size. More...
class  mrpt::math::CMatrixTemplateObjects< T >
 This template class extends the class "CMatrixTemplate" for storing "objects" at each matrix entry. More...
class  mrpt::math::CMonteCarlo< T, NUM, OTHER >
 Montecarlo simulation for experiments in 1D. More...
class  mrpt::math::CProbabilityDensityFunction< TDATA, STATE_LEN >
 A generic template for probability density distributions (PDFs). More...
class  mrpt::math::CQuaternion< T >
 A quaternion, which can represent a 3D rotation as pair $ (r,\mathbf{u}) *$, with a real part "r" and a 3D vector $ \mathbf{u} = (x,y,z) $, or alternatively, q = r + ix + jy + kz. More...
class  mrpt::math::CSparseMatrix
 A sparse matrix structure, wrapping T. More...
class  mrpt::math::CSparseMatrixTemplate< T >
 A sparse matrix container (with cells of any type), with iterators. More...
class  mrpt::math::KDTreeCapable< Derived, num_t, metric_t >
 A generic adaptor class for providing Nearest Neighbor (NN) lookup via the nanoflann library. More...
struct  mrpt::math::MatrixBlockSparseCols< Scalar, NROWS, NCOLS, INFO, HAS_REMAP, INDEX_REMAP_MAP_IMPL >
 A templated column-indexed efficient storage of block-sparse Jacobian or Hessian matrices, together with other arbitrary information. More...
struct  mrpt::math::RobustKernel< KERNEL_TYPE, T >
struct  mrpt::math::RobustKernel< rkLeastSquares, T >
 No robust kernel, use standard least squares: rho(r) = r^2. More...
struct  mrpt::math::RobustKernel< rkPseudoHuber, T >
 Pseudo-huber robust kernel: rho(r) = 2 * delta^2 * ( -1+sqrt( 1+ r^2/delta^2 ) ) More...


 This base provides a set of functions for maths stuff.


 Custom I/O for math containers
 Statistics functions, probability distributions
 Filtering algorithms
 Fourier transform functions
 Fresnel integrals (`#include
 Geometry: lines, planes, intersections, SLERP,
 "lightweight" point & pose classes
 Interpolation, least-squares fit, splines
 Vector and matrices mathematical operations
 and other utilities
 Find polynomial roots (`#include
 RANSAC and other model fitting algorithms
 Gaussian PDF transformation functions
 Helper functions for MEX & MATLAB


enum  mrpt::math::TRobustKernelType { mrpt::math::rkLeastSquares = 0, mrpt::math::rkPseudoHuber }
 The different types of kernels for usage within a robustified least-squares estimator. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ TRobustKernelType

The different types of kernels for usage within a robustified least-squares estimator.

See also
Use these types as arguments of the template RobustKernel<>

No robust kernel, use standard least squares: rho(r)= 1/2 * r^2.


Pseudo-huber robust kernel.

Definition at line 23 of file robust_kernels.h.

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