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Library mrpt-pbmap

This library implements the functionality to build Plane-based Maps (PbMaps) from a set of point clouds plus their corresponding poses, which might be given by e.g. the odometry of a robot.

A PbMap consists of a set of planar entities (patches) described by geometric features (shape, relative position, etc.) and/or radiometric features (dominant color). It is organized as an annotated, undirected graph, where nodes stand for planar patches and edges connect neighbor planes when the distance between their closest points is under a threshold.

A method for PbMap place recognition (useful for re-localization or loop closure) is also implemented. This method relies on an interpretation tree which applies geometric constraints to efficiently match sets of neighboring planes.

Refer to the PbMap Guide (PDF).



class  mrpt::pbmap::ConsistencyTest
struct  mrpt::pbmap::config_heuristics
 A class used to define the heuristic parameters and thresholds used to match sets of planes. More...
class  mrpt::pbmap::PbMap
 A class used to store a Plane-based Map (PbMap). More...
class  mrpt::pbmap::PbMapLocaliser
struct  mrpt::pbmap::frameRGBDandPose
class  mrpt::pbmap::PbMapMaker
class  mrpt::pbmap::Plane
 A class used to store a planar feature (Plane for short). More...
class  mrpt::pbmap::PlaneInferredInfo
 A class used to infer some semantic meaning to the planes of a PbMap. More...
class  mrpt::pbmap::SemanticClustering
class  mrpt::pbmap::Subgraph
class  mrpt::pbmap::SubgraphMatcher

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