MRPT  1.9.9

Detailed Description

An OS abstraction layer and other miscellaneous functionality: filesystem, date and time, memory handling and much more.

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Library mrpt-system

[New in MRPT 2.0.0]

This C++ library is part of MRPT and can be installed in Debian-based systems with:

    sudo apt install libmrpt-system-dev

Refer to the list of submodules for details.

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class  mrpt::system::CDirectoryExplorer
 This class allows the enumeration of the files/directories that exist into a given path. More...
class  mrpt::system::CFileSystemWatcher
 This class subscribes to notifications of file system changes, thus it can be used to efficiently stay informed about changes in a directory tree. More...
class  mrpt::system::CObservable
 Inherit from this class for those objects capable of being observed by a CObserver class. More...
class  mrpt::system::CObserver
 Inherit from this class to get notified about events from any CObservable object after subscribing to it. More...
class  mrpt::system::COutputLogger
 Versatile class for consistent logging and management of output messages. More...
class  mrpt::system::CRateTimer
 A class for calling sleep() in a loop, such that the amount of sleep time will be computed to make the loop run at the desired rate (in Hz). More...
class  mrpt::system::CTicTac
 A high-performance stopwatch, with typical resolution of nanoseconds. More...
class  mrpt::system::CTimeLogger
 A versatile "profiler" that logs the time spent within each pair of calls to enter(X)-leave(X), among other stats. More...
struct  mrpt::system::CTimeLoggerEntry
 A safe way to call enter() and leave() of a mrpt::system::CTimeLogger upon construction and destruction of this auxiliary object, making sure that leave() will be called upon exceptions, etc. More...
class  mrpt::system::mrptEvent
 The basic event type for the observer-observable pattern in MRPT. More...
struct  mrpt::system::TParameters< T >
 For usage when passing a dynamic number of (numeric) arguments to a function, by name. More...


 Time and date functions.
 Header: #include <mrpt/system/datetime.h>.
 Directories, files, and file names
 Header: #include <mrpt/system/filesystem.h>.
 OS and compiler abstraction
 Header: #include <mrpt/system/os.h>.
 Load and save vectors to files (in #include
 CRC functions
 Header: #include <mrpt/system/crc.h>.
 MD5 functions
 Header: #include <mrpt/system/md5.h>.
 Memory utilities
 Header: #include <mrpt/system/memory.h>.
 String management and utilities
 Header: #include <mrpt/system/string_utils.h>.

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