MRPT  1.9.9
Path planning

Detailed Description

Collaboration diagram for Path planning:


struct  mrpt::nav::TPlannerInputTempl< node_pose_t, world_limits_t >
struct  mrpt::nav::TPlannerResultTempl< tree_t >
struct  mrpt::nav::RRTEndCriteria
struct  mrpt::nav::RRTAlgorithmParams
class  mrpt::nav::PlannerTPS_VirtualBase
 Virtual base class for TP-Space-based path planners. More...
class  mrpt::nav::PlannerRRT_SE2_TPS
 TP Space-based RRT path planning for SE(2) (planar) robots. More...
class  mrpt::nav::PlannerSimple2D
 Searches for collision-free path in 2D occupancy grids for holonomic circular robots. More...
struct  mrpt::nav::PoseDistanceMetric< node_t >
 Generic base for metrics. More...
 This class contains motions and motions tree structures for the hybrid navigation algorithm. More...
struct  mrpt::nav::TMoveEdgeSE2_TP
 An edge for the move tree used for planning in SE2 and TP-space. More...
struct  mrpt::nav::TNodeSE2
struct  mrpt::nav::PoseDistanceMetric< TNodeSE2 >
 Pose metric for SE(2) More...
struct  mrpt::nav::TNodeSE2_TP
struct  mrpt::nav::PoseDistanceMetric< TNodeSE2_TP >
 Pose metric for SE(2) limited to a given PTG manifold. More...


using mrpt::nav::TMoveTreeSE2_TP = TMoveTree< TNodeSE2_TP, TMoveEdgeSE2_TP >
 tree data structure for planning in SE2 within TP-Space manifolds More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ TMoveTreeSE2_TP

tree data structure for planning in SE2 within TP-Space manifolds

Definition at line 292 of file TMoveTree.h.

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