MRPT  1.9.9
feature Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Structure to represent an affine invariant image feature.

The fields x, y, a, b, c represent the affine region around the feature:

a(x-u)(x-u) + 2b(x-u)(y-v) + c(y-v)(y-v) = 1

Definition at line 49 of file imgfeatures.h.

#include <sift-hess/imgfeatures.h>

Public Attributes

double x
 x coord More...
double y
 y coord More...
double a
 Oxford-type affine region parameter. More...
double b
 Oxford-type affine region parameter. More...
double c
 Oxford-type affine region parameter. More...
double scl
 scale of a Lowe-style feature More...
double ori
 orientation of a Lowe-style feature More...
int d
 descriptor length More...
double descr [FEATURE_MAX_D]
 descriptor More...
int type
 feature type, OXFD or LOWE More...
int category
 all-purpose feature category More...
struct featurefwd_match
 matching feature from forward image More...
struct featurebck_match
 matching feature from backmward image More...
struct featuremdl_match
 matching feature from model More...
CvPoint2D64f img_pt
 location in image More...
CvPoint2D64f mdl_pt
 location in model More...
 user-definable data More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ a

double feature::a

Oxford-type affine region parameter.

Definition at line 53 of file imgfeatures.h.

◆ b

double feature::b

Oxford-type affine region parameter.

Definition at line 54 of file imgfeatures.h.

◆ bck_match

struct feature* feature::bck_match

matching feature from backmward image

Definition at line 63 of file imgfeatures.h.

◆ c

double feature::c

Oxford-type affine region parameter.

Definition at line 55 of file imgfeatures.h.

◆ category

int feature::category

all-purpose feature category

Definition at line 61 of file imgfeatures.h.

◆ d

◆ descr

◆ feature_data

void* feature::feature_data

user-definable data

Definition at line 67 of file imgfeatures.h.

◆ fwd_match

struct feature* feature::fwd_match

matching feature from forward image

Definition at line 62 of file imgfeatures.h.

◆ img_pt

CvPoint2D64f feature::img_pt

location in image

Definition at line 65 of file imgfeatures.h.

Referenced by mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::my_scale_space_extrema().

◆ mdl_match

struct feature* feature::mdl_match

matching feature from model

Definition at line 64 of file imgfeatures.h.

◆ mdl_pt

CvPoint2D64f feature::mdl_pt

location in model

Definition at line 66 of file imgfeatures.h.

◆ ori

double feature::ori

◆ scl

◆ type

int feature::type

feature type, OXFD or LOWE

Definition at line 60 of file imgfeatures.h.

◆ x

◆ y

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