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core/include/mrpt/core/bits_math.h File Reference
#include <cmath>
#include <stdexcept>
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 This is the global namespace for all Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) libraries.


#define M_PI   3.14159265358979323846
#define M_PIl   3.14159265358979323846264338327950288L
#define M_2PIl   (2.0L * 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288L)
#define DEG2RAD   DEG2RAD
#define RAD2DEG   RAD2DEG


template<class T >
mrpt::square (const T x)
 Inline function for the square of a number. More...
template<class T >
mrpt::hypot_fast (const T x, const T y)
 Faster version of std::hypot(), to use when overflow is not an issue and we prefer fast code. More...
double mrpt::DEG2RAD (const double x)
 Degrees to radians. More...
float mrpt::DEG2RAD (const float x)
 Degrees to radians. More...
double mrpt::DEG2RAD (const int x)
 Degrees to radians. More...
double mrpt::RAD2DEG (const double x)
 Radians to degrees. More...
float mrpt::RAD2DEG (const float x)
 Radians to degrees. More...
long double mrpt::DEG2RAD (const long double x)
 Degrees to radians. More...
long double mrpt::RAD2DEG (const long double x)
 Radians to degrees. More...
template<typename T >
int mrpt::sign (T x)
 Returns the sign of X as "1" or "-1". More...
template<typename T >
int mrpt::signWithZero (T x)
 Returns the sign of X as "0", "1" or "-1". More...
template<typename T >
mrpt::lowestPositive (const T a, const T b)
 Returns the lowest, possitive among two numbers. More...
template<typename T >
mrpt::abs_diff (const T a, const T b)
 Efficient and portable evaluation of the absolute difference of two unsigned integer values (but will also work for signed and floating point types) More...
template<typename T >
const T mrpt::min3 (const T &A, const T &B, const T &C)
template<typename T >
const T mrpt::max3 (const T &A, const T &B, const T &C)
template<typename T >
int mrpt::fix (T x)
 Rounds toward zero. More...
template<typename T , typename K >
void mrpt::keep_min (T &var, const K test_val)
 If the second argument is below the first one, set the first argument to this lower value. More...
template<typename T , typename K >
void mrpt::keep_max (T &var, const K test_val)
 If the second argument is above the first one, set the first argument to this higher value. More...
template<typename T >
void mrpt::saturate (T &var, const T sat_min, const T sat_max)
 Saturate the value of var (the variable gets modified) so it does not get out of [min,max]. More...
template<typename T >
mrpt::saturate_val (const T &value, const T sat_min, const T sat_max)
 Like saturate() but it returns the value instead of modifying the variable. More...
template<class T >
mrpt::round2up (T val)
 Round up to the nearest power of two of a given number. More...

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◆ M_2PIl

#define M_2PIl   (2.0L * 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288L)

Definition at line 53 of file core/include/mrpt/core/bits_math.h.

◆ M_PI

#define M_PI   3.14159265358979323846

Definition at line 38 of file core/include/mrpt/core/bits_math.h.

Referenced by mrpt::nav::CPTG_RobotShape_Circular::add_robotShape_to_setOfLines(), mrpt::nav::CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator::alpha2index(), mrpt::math::angDistance(), mrpt::hwdrivers::CServoeNeck::angle2RegValue(), mrpt::math::averageWrap2Pi(), mrpt::maps::CGasConcentrationGridMap2D::build_Gaussian_Wind_Grid(), mrpt::nav::collision_free_dist_arc_circ_robot(), mrpt::expr::CRuntimeCompiledExpression::compile(), mrpt::maps::COccupancyGridMap2D::computeClearance(), mrpt::vision::computeMainOrientations(), mrpt::hwdrivers::CIbeoLuxETH::convertTicksToHRad(), mrpt::hwdrivers::CIbeoLuxETH::convertToCartesian(), mrpt::math::covariancesAndMeanWeighted(), GraphSlamLevMarqTest< my_graph_t >::create_ring_path(), mrpt::opengl::CPolyhedron::CreateCupola(), mrpt::opengl::CPolyhedron::CreateIcosahedron(), mrpt::opengl::CPolyhedron::CreateJohnsonSolidWithConstantBase(), mrpt::math::TPolygon2D::createRegularPolygon(), mrpt::math::TPolygon3D::createRegularPolygon(), mrpt::opengl::CPolyhedron::CreateRhombicuboctahedron(), mrpt::opengl::CPolyhedron::CreateTrapezohedron(), mrpt::DEG2RAD(), mrpt::nav::CHolonomicND::direction2sector(), mrpt::nav::CHolonomicFullEval::direction2sector(), mrpt::hwdrivers::CHokuyoURG::doProcessSimple(), mrpt::nav::CHolonomicFullEval::evalSingleTarget(), mrpt::opengl::detail::generalizedEllipsoidPoints< 2 >(), mrpt::opengl::detail::generalizedEllipsoidPoints< 3 >(), mrpt::opengl::CPolyhedron::generateBase(), mrpt::opengl::CPolyhedron::generateShiftedBase(), mrpt::math::getAngle(), mrpt::nav::CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator::index2alpha(), insertCupola(), insertRotunda(), mrpt::maps::CBeaconMap::internal_insertObservation(), mrpt::nav::CPTG_DiffDrive_C::inverseMap_WS2TP(), mrpt::poses::CPose3D::isHorizontal(), mrpt::hwdrivers::C2DRangeFinderAbstract::loadCommonParams(), mrpt::maps::CLandmarksMap::TLikelihoodOptions::loadFromConfigFile(), mrpt::nav::CHolonomicVFF::navigate(), mrpt::nav::CPTG_DiffDrive_CC::ptgDiffDriveSteeringFunction(), mrpt::nav::CPTG_DiffDrive_CCS::ptgDiffDriveSteeringFunction(), mrpt::nav::CPTG_DiffDrive_alpha::ptgDiffDriveSteeringFunction(), mrpt::nav::CPTG_DiffDrive_C::ptgDiffDriveSteeringFunction(), mrpt::RAD2DEG(), ransac_data_assoc_run(), mrpt::hwdrivers::CServoeNeck::regValue2angle(), mrpt::nav::PlannerTPS_VirtualBase::renderMoveTree(), mrpt::math::CQuaternion< T >::rpy_and_jacobian(), mrpt::hwdrivers::CServoeNeck::setAngle(), mrpt::hwdrivers::CServoeNeck::setAngleAndSpeed(), mrpt::vision::CDifodo::setFOV(), mrpt::nav::CPTG_DiffDrive_CollisionGridBased::simulateTrajectories(), mrpt::math::spline(), TEST(), TEST_F(), mrpt::nav::PlannerRRT_SE2_TPS::TPlannerInput::TPlannerInput(), mrpt::hwdrivers::CHokuyoURG::turnOn(), mrpt::math::unwrap2PiSequence(), velodyne_scan_to_pointcloud(), mrpt::math::wrapTo2PiInPlace(), and mrpt::math::wrapToPi().

◆ M_PIl

#define M_PIl   3.14159265358979323846264338327950288L

Definition at line 52 of file core/include/mrpt/core/bits_math.h.

Referenced by mrpt::DEG2RAD(), and mrpt::RAD2DEG().


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