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math_frwds.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Forward declarations of all mrpt::math classes related to vectors, arrays and matrices. Many of the function implementations are in ops_matrices.h, others in ops_containers.h

Definition in file math_frwds.h.

#include <mrpt/config.h>
#include <string>
#include <type_traits>
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struct  mrpt::math::detail::TAuxResizer< MAT, TypeSizeAtCompileTime >
 Internal resize which compiles to nothing on fixed-size matrices. More...
struct  mrpt::math::detail::TAuxResizer< MAT, -1 >
class  mrpt::math::CMatrixTemplate< T >
 This template class provides the basic functionality for a general 2D any-size, resizable container of numerical or non-numerical elements. More...
class  mrpt::math::CMatrixTemplateObjects< T >
 This template class extends the class "CMatrixTemplate" for storing "objects" at each matrix entry. More...
class  mrpt::math::CQuaternion< T >
 A quaternion, which can represent a 3D rotation as pair $ (r,\mathbf{u}) *$, with a real part "r" and a 3D vector $ \mathbf{u} = (x,y,z) $, or alternatively, q = r + ix + jy + kz. More...
struct  mrpt::math::ContainerType< CONTAINER >
 ContainerType<T>::element_t exposes the value of any STL or Eigen container. More...
class  mrpt::math::detail::VicinityTraits< T >
 The purpose of this class is to model traits for containers, so that they can be used as return values for the function CMatrixTemplate::getVicinity. More...
struct  mrpt::math::detail::getVicinity< MatrixType, T, ReturnType, D >
 This huge template encapsulates a function to get the vicinity of an element, with maximum genericity. More...


 This is the global namespace for all Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) libraries.
 This base provides a set of functions for maths stuff.




enum  mrpt::math::TMatrixTextFileFormat { mrpt::math::MATRIX_FORMAT_ENG = 0, mrpt::math::MATRIX_FORMAT_FIXED = 1, mrpt::math::MATRIX_FORMAT_INT = 2 }
enum  mrpt::math::TConstructorFlags_Matrices { mrpt::math::UNINITIALIZED_MATRIX = 0 }
 For usage in one of the constructors of CMatrixFixedNumeric or CMatrixTemplate (and derived classes), if it's not required to fill it with zeros at the constructor to save time. More...


std::string mrpt::system::MRPT_getVersion ()
 Returns a string describing the MRPT version. More...
template<class CONTAINER1 , class CONTAINER2 >
void mrpt::math::cumsum (const CONTAINER1 &in_data, CONTAINER2 &out_cumsum)
template<class CONTAINER >
CONTAINER::Scalar mrpt::math::norm (const CONTAINER &v)
template<class CONTAINER >
CONTAINER::Scalar mrpt::math::norm_inf (const CONTAINER &v)
template<class MAT_A , class SKEW_3VECTOR , class MAT_OUT >
void mrpt::math::multiply_A_skew3 (const MAT_A &A, const SKEW_3VECTOR &v, MAT_OUT &out)
 Only for vectors/arrays "v" of length3, compute out = A * Skew(v), where Skew(v) is the skew symmetric matric generated from v (see mrpt::math::skew_symmetric3) More...
template<class SKEW_3VECTOR , class MAT_A , class MAT_OUT >
void mrpt::math::multiply_skew3_A (const SKEW_3VECTOR &v, const MAT_A &A, MAT_OUT &out)
 Only for vectors/arrays "v" of length3, compute out = Skew(v) * A, where Skew(v) is the skew symmetric matric generated from v (see mrpt::math::skew_symmetric3) More...
template<class MATORG , class MATDEST >
void mrpt::math::detail::extractMatrix (const MATORG &M, const size_t first_row, const size_t first_col, MATDEST &outMat)
 Extract a submatrix - The output matrix must be set to the required size before call. More...
template<class T >
mrpt::math::wrapTo2Pi (T a)
 Modifies the given angle to translate it into the [0,2pi[ range. More...
Container initializer from pose classes
template<class CONTAINER , class POINT_OR_POSE >
CONTAINER & mrpt::math::containerFromPoseOrPoint (CONTAINER &C, const POINT_OR_POSE &p)
 Conversion of poses (TPose2D,TPoint2D,..., mrpt::poses::CPoint2D,CPose3D,...) to MRPT containers (vector/matrix) More...

Macro Definition Documentation


template <class TPOSE, typename = std::enable_if_t<std::is_base_of< \
mrpt::math::TPoseOrPoint, TPOSE>::value>> \
explicit inline _CLASS_(const TPOSE& p) \
{ \
} \
template <class CPOSE, int = CPOSE::is_3D_val> \
explicit inline _CLASS_(const CPOSE& p) \
{ \
CONTAINER & containerFromPoseOrPoint(CONTAINER &C, const POINT_OR_POSE &p)
Conversion of poses (TPose2D,TPoint2D,..., mrpt::poses::CPoint2D,CPose3D,...) to MRPT containers (vec...
GLsizei const GLfloat * value
Definition: glext.h:4117
GLfloat GLfloat p
Definition: glext.h:6305

Definition at line 95 of file math_frwds.h.

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