struct mrpt::hwdrivers::TCaptureCVOptions

Options used when creating an OpenCV capture object Some options apply to IEEE1394 cameras only.

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#include <mrpt/hwdrivers/CImageGrabber_OpenCV.h>

struct TCaptureCVOptions

    int frame_width {0};
    int frame_height {0};
    double gain {0};
    double ieee1394_fps {0};
    bool ieee1394_grayscale {false};


int frame_width {0}

(All cameras) Capture resolution (0: Leave the default)

double gain {0}

(All cameras) Camera gain (0: Leave the default)

double ieee1394_fps {0}

(IEEE1394 cameras) Frame rate for the capture (0: Leave the default).

bool ieee1394_grayscale {false}

(IEEE1394 cameras) Whether to grab grayscale images (Default=false).