class mrpt::system::mrptEventΒΆ

The basic event type for the observer-observable pattern in MRPT.

You can sub-class this base class to create custom event types, then tell between them in runtime with isOfType<T>(), for example:

if (e.isOfType<mrptEventOnDestroy>())
  const mrptEventOnDestroy* ev = e.getAs<mrptEventOnDestroy>();
  ev-> ...

See also:

CObserver, CObservable

#include <mrpt/system/mrptEvent.h>

class mrptEvent

// direct descendants

class mrptEvent3DWindowGrabImageFile;
class mrptEventMouseDown;
class mrptEventMouseMove;
class mrptEventWindowChar;
class mrptEventWindowClosed;
class mrptEventWindowResize;
class mrptEventMetricMapClear;
class mrptEventMetricMapInsert;
class mrptEventGLPostRender;
class mrptEventGLPreRender;
class mrptEventOnDestroy;