template class mrpt::graphslam::deciders::CNodeRegistrationDecider

Interface for implementing node registration classes.

CNodeRegistrationDecider provides the basic methods that have to exist in every node registration decider class. For an example of inheriting from this class see CFixedIntervalsNRD.

As a naming convention, all the implemented node registration deciders are suffixed with the NRD acronym.

#include <mrpt/graphslam/interfaces/CNodeRegistrationDecider.h>

template <class GRAPH_T>
class CNodeRegistrationDecider: public mrpt::graphslam::CRegistrationDeciderOrOptimizer
    // typedefs

    typedef typename GRAPH_T::constraint_t::type_value pose_t;
    typedef typename GRAPH_T::global_pose_t global_pose_t;
    typedef mrpt::math::CMatrixFixed<double, constraint_t::state_length, constraint_t::state_length> inf_mat_t;

// direct descendants

template <class GRAPH_T = typename mrpt::graphs::CNetworkOfPoses2DInf>
class CEmptyNRD;

template <class GRAPH_T = typename mrpt::graphs::CNetworkOfPoses2DInf>
class CFixedIntervalsNRD;

template <class GRAPH_T>
class CICPCriteriaNRD;

template <class GRAPH_T>
class CIncrementalNodeRegistrationDecider;

Inherited Members

    // structs

    struct TMsg;


    virtual void setClassName(const std::string& name);
    bool isMultiRobotSlamClass();
    std::string getClassName() const;


typedef typename GRAPH_T::constraint_t::type_value pose_t

type of underlying poses (2D/3D).