class mrpt::opengl::CEllipsoidRangeBearing2D

An especial “ellipsoid” in 2D computed as the uncertainty iso-surfaces of a (range,bearing) variable.

The parameter space of this ellipsoid comprises these variables (in this order):

  • range: Distance from sensor to feature.

  • bearing: Angle from +X to the line that goes from the sensor towards the feature.

This class expects you to provide a mean vector of length 2 and a 2x2 covariance matrix, set with setCovMatrixAndMean().

Please read the documentation of CGeneralizedEllipsoidTemplate::setQuantiles() for learning the mathematical details about setting the desired confidence interval.

#include <mrpt/opengl/CEllipsoidRangeBearing2D.h>

class CEllipsoidRangeBearing2D:
    public mrpt::opengl::CGeneralizedEllipsoidTemplate,
    public mrpt::opengl::CRenderizable

Inherited Members

    // structs

    struct RenderContext;


    virtual void render(const RenderContext& rc) const = 0;
    virtual void renderUpdateBuffers() const = 0;
    virtual shader_list_t requiredShaders() const;
    virtual auto getBoundingBox() const = 0;
    virtual void freeOpenGLResources() = 0;
    virtual void onUpdateBuffers_Triangles() = 0;
    virtual void onUpdateBuffers_Wireframe() = 0;