class mrpt::poses::CPose3DInterpolator

This class stores a time-stamped trajectory in SE(3) (CPose3D poses).

It can also interpolate SE(3) poses over time using linear, splines or SLERP interpolation, as set in CPose3DInterpolator::setInterpolationMethod() Usage:

  • Insert new poses into the sequence with CPose3DInterpolator::insert()

  • Query an exact/interpolated pose with CPose3DInterpolator::interpolate(). Example:

    CPose3DInterpolator     path;
    path.setInterpolationMethod( mrpt::poses::imSplineSlerp );
    path.insert( t0, mrpt::poses::CPose3D(...) );
    path.insert( t1, mrpt::math::TPose3D(...) ); // prefered (faster)
    mrpt::math::TPose3D p;
    bool valid;
    cout << "Pose at t: " << path.interpolate(t,p,valid).asString() << endl;

Time is represented with mrpt::Clock::time_point. See mrpt::system for methods and utilities to manage these time references.

See TInterpolatorMethod for the list of interpolation methods. The default method at constructor is “imLinearSlerp”.

See also:


#include <mrpt/poses/CPose3DInterpolator.h>

class CPose3DInterpolator:
    public mrpt::serialization::CSerializable,
    public mrpt::poses::CPoseInterpolatorBase

Inherited Members

    // typedefs

    typedef std::pair<mrpt::Clock::time_point, pose_t> TTimePosePair;
    typedef std::map<mrpt::Clock::time_point, pose_t> TPath;
    typedef typename TPath::iterator iterator;
    typedef typename TPath::const_iterator const_iterator;
    typedef typename TPath::reverse_iterator reverse_iterator;
    typedef typename TPath::const_reverse_iterator const_reverse_iterator;


    iterator begin();
    const_iterator begin() const;
    const_iterator cbegin() const;
    iterator end();
    const_iterator end() const;
    const_iterator cend() const;
    reverse_iterator rbegin();
    const_reverse_iterator rbegin() const;
    reverse_iterator rend();
    const_reverse_iterator rend() const;
    iterator lower_bound(const mrpt::Clock::time_point& t);
    const_iterator lower_bound(const mrpt::Clock::time_point& t) const;
    iterator upper_bound(const mrpt::Clock::time_point& t);
    const_iterator upper_bound(const mrpt::Clock::time_point& t) const;
    iterator erase(iterator element_to_erase);
    size_t size() const;
    bool empty() const;
    iterator find(const mrpt::Clock::time_point& t);
    const_iterator find(const mrpt::Clock::time_point& t) const;
    pose_t& at(const mrpt::Clock::time_point& t);
    const pose_t& at(const mrpt::Clock::time_point& t) const;