class mrpt::serialization::CSerializableΒΆ

The virtual base class which provides a unified interface for all persistent objects in MRPT.

Many important properties of this class are inherited from mrpt::rtti::CObject. Refer to the library tutorial: [mrpt-serialization]

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#include <mrpt/serialization/CSerializable.h>

class CSerializable: public mrpt::rtti::CObject

// direct descendants

class CDetectableObject;
class CHierarchicalMHMap;
class CHMHMapArc;
class CHMHMapNode;
class CLocalMetricHypothesis;
class CLSLAMParticleData;
class CMHPropertiesValuesList;
class CPropertiesValuesList;
class CRobotPosesGraph;
class THypothesisIDSet;
class CImage;
class TCamera;
class TStereoCamera;
class CKinematicChain;
class CVehicleVelCmd;
class CLandmark;
class CMetricMap;
class CMultiMetricMapPDF;
class CRandomFieldGridMap3D;
class CRBPFParticleData;
class CSimpleMap;
class TMapGenericParams;
class CMatrixB;
class CMatrixD;
class CMatrixF;
class CPolygon;
class CSplineInterpolator1D;
class CAbstractHolonomicReactiveMethod;
class CHolonomicLogFileRecord;
class CLogFileRecord;
class CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator;
class CAction;
class CActionCollection;
class CObservation;
class CRawlog;
class CSensoryFrame;
class COpenGLScene;
class COpenGLViewport;
class CRenderizable;
class CPoint2D;
class CPoint2DPDF;
class CPoint3D;
class CPointPDF;
class CPose2D;
class CPose2DInterpolator;
class CPose3D;
class CPose3DInterpolator;
class CPose3DPDF;
class CPose3DQuat;
class CPose3DQuatPDF;
class CPosePDF;
class CPoses2DSequence;
class CPoses3DSequence;
class CIncrementalMapPartitioner;
class CFeature;