class mrpt::hwdrivers::CStereoGrabber_SVS


A class for grabing stereo images from a STOC camera of Videre Design NOTE:

  • Windows:

    • This class is not available.

  • Linux:

    • This class is only available when compiling MRPT with “MRPT_HAS_SVS”.

    • You must have the videre design’s library.

    • Capture will be made in grayscale.

    • The grabber must be launch in root.

Once connected to a camera, you can call “getStereoObservation” to retrieve the Disparity images.

See also:

You’ll probably want to use instead the most generic camera grabber in MRPT: mrpt::hwdrivers::CCameraSensor

#include <mrpt/hwdrivers/CStereoGrabber_SVS.h>

class CStereoGrabber_SVS
    // fields

    TCaptureOptions_SVS m_options;

    // construction

    CStereoGrabber_SVS(int cameraIndex = 0, const TCaptureOptions_SVS& options = TCaptureOptions_SVS());
    CStereoGrabber_SVS(const CStereoGrabber_SVS&);

    // methods

    CStereoGrabber_SVS& operator = (const CStereoGrabber_SVS&);
    bool getStereoObservation(mrpt::obs::CObservationStereoImages& out_observation);


CStereoGrabber_SVS(int cameraIndex = 0, const TCaptureOptions_SVS& options = TCaptureOptions_SVS())



bool getStereoObservation(mrpt::obs::CObservationStereoImages& out_observation)

Grab stereo images, and return the pair of rectified images.

NOTICE: (1) That the member “CObservationStereoImages::refCameraPose” must be set on the return of this method, since we don’t know here the robot physical structure. (2) The images are already rectified.



The object to be filled with sensed data.


false on any error, true if all go fine.