class mrpt::rtti::CObject


Virtual base to provide a compiler-independent RTTI system.

Each class named Foo will have associated smart pointer types:

  • Foo::Ptr => std::shared_ptr<Foo> (the most commonly-used one)

  • Foo::ConstPtr => std::shared_ptr<const Foo>

  • Foo::UniquePtr => std::unique_ptr<Foo>

  • Foo::ConstUniquePtr => std::unique_ptr<const Foo>

It is recommended to use MRPT-defined std::make_shared<> instead of std::make_shared<> to create objects, to avoid memory alignment problems caused by classes containing Eigen vectors or matrices. Example:

Foo::Ptr o = std::make_shared<Foo>();

Or using the shorter auxiliary static method ::Create() for conciseness or to keep compatibility with MRPT 1.5.* code bases:

Foo::Ptr o = Foo::Create();

If a special memory allocator is needed, use Foo::CreateAlloc(alloc,...);.

See also:


#include <mrpt/rtti/CObject.h>

class CObject

// direct descendants

class CMultiObjectiveMotionOptimizerBase;
class CSerializable;