struct mrpt::graphs::TGraphvizExportParams


Used in mrpt::graphs export functions to .dot files.

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#include <mrpt/graphs/CDirectedGraph.h>

struct TGraphvizExportParams
    // fields

    bool mark_edges_as_not_constraint {false};
    std::map<TNodeID, std::string> node_names;
    std::map<TNodeID, std::string> node_props;

    // construction



bool mark_edges_as_not_constraint {false}

If true (default=false), an “[constraint=false]” will be added to all edges (see Graphviz docs).

std::map<TNodeID, std::string> node_names

If provided, these textual names will be used for naming the nodes instead of their numeric IDs given in the edges.

std::map<TNodeID, std::string> node_props

If provided, an extra line will be added setting Graphviz properties for each node, e.g.

to set a node position, use the string “pos = "x,y””