struct mrpt::nav::TCandidateMovementPTG


Stores a candidate movement in TP-Space-based navigation.

See also:

CReactiveNavigationSystem, CReactiveNavigationSystem3D

#include <mrpt/nav/reactive/TCandidateMovementPTG.h>

struct TCandidateMovementPTG
    // fields

    CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator* PTG {nullptr};
    double direction {0};
    double speed {0};
    double starting_robot_dir {0};
    double starting_robot_dist {0};
    std::map<std::string, double> props;

    // construction



CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator* PTG {nullptr}

The associated PTG.

nullptr if not applicable / undefined.

double direction {0}

TP-Space movement direction.

Within [-2*PI,+2*PI]

double speed {0}

TP-Space movement speed, normalized to [0,1].

A negative number means this candidate movement is unfeasible and must be discarded.

double starting_robot_dir {0}

Default to 0, they can be used to reflect a robot starting at a position not at (0,0).

Used in “PTG continuation”

std::map<std::string, double> props

List of properties.

May vary for different user implementations of scores and/or different multi-objective optimizers. See list of available variable names in docs for mrpt::nav::CAbstractPTGBasedReactive