struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TFASTOptions


FAST Options.

#include <mrpt/vision/CFeatureExtraction.h>

struct TFASTOptions
    // fields

    int threshold = 20;
    unsigned int min_distance = 5;
    bool nonmax_suppression {true};
    bool use_KLT_response {false};
    int KLT_response_half_win_size {4};


int threshold = 20

default= 20

unsigned int min_distance = 5

(default=5) minimum distance between features (in pixels)

bool nonmax_suppression {true}

Default = true.

bool use_KLT_response {false}

(default=false) If true, use CImage::KLT_response to compute the response at each point.

int KLT_response_half_win_size {4}

Used if use_KLT_response==true.