template struct mrpt::vision::TSIFTDescriptorsKDTreeIndex


A kd-tree builder for sets of features with SIFT descriptors.

Example of usage:

TSIFTDescriptorsKDTreeIndex<double>  feats_kdtree(feats);
feats_kdtree.get_kdtree().knnSearch( ... );

See also:

CFeatureList, mrpt::vision::find_descriptor_pairings

#include <mrpt/vision/descriptor_kdtrees.h>

template <
    typename distance_t,
    class metric_t = nanoflann::L2_Simple_Adaptor<uint8_t ,        detail::TSIFTDesc2KDTree_Adaptor<distance_t>,        distance_t>
struct TSIFTDescriptorsKDTreeIndex
    // typedefs

    typedef typename nanoflann::KDTreeSingleIndexAdaptor<metric_t, detail::TSIFTDesc2KDTree_Adaptor<distance_t>> kdtree_t;

    // construction

    TSIFTDescriptorsKDTreeIndex(const CFeatureList& feats);

    // methods

    void regenerate_kdtreee();
    kdtree_t& get_kdtree();
    const kdtree_t& get_kdtree() const;


TSIFTDescriptorsKDTreeIndex(const CFeatureList& feats)

Constructor from a list of SIFT features.

Automatically build the KD-tree index. The list of features must NOT be empty or an exception will be raised.


void regenerate_kdtreee()

Re-creates the kd-tree, which must be done whenever the data source (the CFeatureList) changes.

kdtree_t& get_kdtree()

Access to the kd-tree object.