struct mrpt::slam::TMonteCarloLocalizationParams


The struct for passing extra simulation parameters to the prediction stage when running a particle filter.

#include <mrpt/slam/TMonteCarloLocalizationParams.h>

struct TMonteCarloLocalizationParams
    // fields

    mrpt::maps::CMetricMap::ConstPtr metricMap;
    std::vector<mrpt::maps::CMetricMap::ConstPtr> metricMaps;
    TKLDParams KLD_params;

    // construction



mrpt::maps::CMetricMap::ConstPtr metricMap

[update stage] Must be set to a metric map used to estimate the likelihood of observations

std::vector<mrpt::maps::CMetricMap::ConstPtr> metricMaps

[update stage] Alternative way (if metricMap==nullptr): A metric map is supplied for each particle: There must be the same maps here as pose m_particles.

TKLDParams KLD_params

Parameters for dynamic sample size, KLD method.