class mrpt::obs::CObservationGasSensors::CMOSmodel


Declares a class within “CObservationGasSensors” that represents a set of gas concentration readings from the modelation of a MOS gas sensor readings.

This class provides the parameters and functions to simulate the inverse model of a MOS gas sensor.

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#include <mrpt/obs/CObservationGasSensors.h>

class CMOSmodel
    // structs

    struct TdataMap;

    // fields

    size_t winNoise_size {30};
    int decimate_value {6};
    float a_rise {0};
    float b_rise {0};
    float a_decay {0};
    float b_decay {0};
    bool save_maplog {false};

    // methods

    bool get_GasDistribution_estimation(float& reading, mrpt::system::TTimeStamp& timestamp);


size_t winNoise_size {30}

The size of the mobile average window used to reduce noise on sensor reagings.

int decimate_value {6}

[useMOSmodel] The decimate frecuency applied after noise filtering

float a_rise {0}

tau = a*AMPLITUDE +b (linear relationship)

float b_rise {0}

tau = a*AMPLITUDE +b (linear relationship)

float a_decay {0}

tau = a*AMPLITUDE +b (linear relationship)

float b_decay {0}

tau = a*AMPLITUDE +b (linear relationship)

bool save_maplog {false}

If true save generated gas map as a log file.


bool get_GasDistribution_estimation(float& reading, mrpt::system::TTimeStamp& timestamp)

Obtain an estimation of the gas distribution based on raw sensor readings